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Post by Cloud Tue May 29, 2018 7:35 am

Welcome to Mystic Sisterhood

What is this site?

Hi Everyone it's great to have you join us. We are Mystic - Sisterhood. A Site focused on all things Spiritual, Supernatural, Paranormal and Psychic Development. We also have Forums for Natural Science, Theories, Unexplained Mysteries and The Universe. Our forum boards are full of many different topics, check them out as you'll be sure to find something that interests you. If not we have General Forums here where you can post about anything at all.

Our community is run by volunteers - That is our Admins, Mods, Readers, Healers, Teachers and Helpers in general.

What do you do here?
We have Live Chat Rooms which may interest you so be sure to check those out and come say hello freedom
We offer Free Psychic Readings Inc (Mediumship, Tarot, Rune, Angel Card, Scrying/Divination, Dream Interpretation, Love Readings, Past, Present and Future (Clairvoyant) Readings and more. We also have a Forum dedicated to Photo Readings.

How Do I get a reading?

All you will need to do is register to our forum (Free) post an introduction post in the welcome section. Come say hi and tell us a little about yourself, this gives us an opportunity to welcome you, learn a little more about you (basics) and lets other members know you are new here and your interests. Some come here as they are interested in Natural Science or Astrophysics, Others may be looking for a reading, to talk about conspiracy theories, psychic development or other spiritual topics. It helps us to know what brings you :D

Once you've done this post away in our community and you are welcome to leave a reading request. You can leave a reading request On this board right here!

Who are your readers?
Our readers all have years of experience in the particular reads they do. We have Mediums who are Clairvoyant, We have Tarot readers, those who are very experienced in giving detailed dream analysis, those who read cards and so forth. The readers will never be offended if you want to talk to them before they read for you, go ahead and say hello, join us in chat. The readers here all have a bio up in the forum link above. The Bios are introductory posts, where you can learn more about us, our experiences, our techniques, and you may be able to read feedback that has been left for us.

Our readers follow strict ethics. This means we promise not to ever sugar coat, predict death, illnesses, or claim to cure illnesses or diagnose - there are many things we can do, but as good readers there are also things we will never do. That is lie to you, give false hope, or take place of another professional whether this is a therapist, doctor, lawyer or otherwise. peace we will - promise to help you where we can, be honest with you about our impressions and do our best to help you achieve what it is you would like to. That is our main focus , after all. To help and support those who need it. We are here to give back.

This is free? how can I give back?

Yes completely free. In future there may be an option for you to donate towards the running of the site, but at the moment this is not set up. In the meantime you are more than welcome to share and invite your friends, if you are happy with your reading(s) here. Leaving feedback on the readers' bio will always be greatly appreciated and so will constructive and positive contributions :)

We would also love to hear any ideas you have on how you feel we could improve the site. We are a work In progress and strive to improve where we can. If you have any ideas for categories or events you would like to see, let us know  :D

Who are admins/mods?
Our main board administrator and site owner is Dragon
we also have a lovely mod team, their names are
UnwrittenSoul & Cloud.

Many sites are very strict as members here have pointed out. We understand that having so many rules in place can be confusing and frustrating. We aim for this place to be a friendly smoothly run community where we can get along and talk about things which interest us. Though sometimes we do understand there may be a few who are not on this level. Our Site rules are quite simple. Be friendly to others, No advertising, No Spamming, No repeated requests or nagging of members. We believe members (being adults) will know when they are doing something wrong here. Common sense ;) If you think it's wrong, it probably is, simple as  ;)

For the time being there are no prior requirements needed before requesting a read, though I do stress we love contributions. Come along and share experiences you've had, any questions on topics are more than welcome and if you are in need of support with anything don't be shy, we are all here for each other. As well as giving psychic readings, we are also here  to help advise, guide, and generally help you and empower you to find solutions yourself..   :flower2:  

Enjoy your time here and if you need anything feel free to send a private message to our Administrator
Alternatively join us in chat.


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