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Gemstone Medicine Bags Empty Gemstone Medicine Bags

Post by Cloud Mon May 14, 2018 4:14 pm

Found this post on another forum

Thought it was a nice idea and worth trying. I can see these making nice gifts
for teachers/ wedding favours/relatives who are unwell in some way or even for yourself

Anon wrote:Has anyone ever tried this? It's a really simple, easy way to use crystals to heal or manifest positive changes in your life.

You just need one of those little silk or voile pouches, which you can buy quite cheaply from many New Age or gift shops, for carrying crystals or small trinkets or gifts. All you need to do is select 3-9 crystals whose properties will help you manifest your current intentions or heal your current situations (Incidentally, I have a thing about only using odd numbers in spiritual practices, but you may feel different). Make sure the crystals are cleansed and dedicated (water is fine for crystals not ending in -ite or they can be smudged in incense smoke, to dedicate for anyone who does not know how you can simply say "From this point on I dedicate these crystals to the highest good and fill them with my love, light and compassion"). Place them in your medicine bag. Then, either carry the bag in your handbag/pocket/etc until the situation is resolved, the intention manifested or there is a major change or shift in your path or attitude; or place the medicine bag close to your bed (but not underneath as some crystals are too stimulating for placement under your bed).

I have done this before with great results, the time it takes varies however, as it depends on how "big" your intentions are or your healing needs to be.

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