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Cord Cut With Archangels


Cord Cut With  Archangels Empty Cord Cut With Archangels

Post by Guest Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:40 am

For if you believe in Archangels, this exercise is always handy. :D

A Cord Cutting Session With Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

Firstly, find a seat that’s comfortable in the back of your mind/awareness where it is comfortable, or it could be in the forefront of your thoughts. Draw a deep breath inwards, exhaling out over four counts, 1,2,3,4. In, out. Exhaling on the four counts, 1,2,3,4. Just to relax. Now visualise a beautiful white column of light descending down from the heavens, this light is luminously bright and is heightened energy in nature, full of love and protection to surround yourself with. This light descends over your crown chakra, over your body, and descends into the earth separating into roots that ground your energies further within.

Envision a white staircase descending upwards with ten steps in either section. Step onto the first step. you will feel more relaxed, and becoming aware of your body, well-being, where the tension and elements of stress reside. Step onto the second step, and the third, as you do, feel the vibrancy of the white of the stairs raise your vibration, higher, and allow your vibration to lift so you can focus a little bit more. The sun is shining down in your meditation today whose sunlit rays are dazzlingly bright, filling it with much more light and vitality. Fourth step, you are beginning to feel more peaceful in your awareness, fifth, sixth and seventh step, you are beginning to focus more on your surroundings in connection to how you feel - more relaxed, like the tension has drifted away on the tide of the sea that laps itself gently on the golden shore. Eighth step, ninth step, an angel with a loving energy appears at the top of the stairwell, to greet you. She/he hands you a basket for you to set your fears, worries, daily burdens in the basket, so you can choose to give them to the angels to deal with if you wish to or take them back with you at the end of the meditation.

As you reach the top of this beautiful meditation, ahead of you can see a walkway of cherry tree blossoms arched around a white-stone slabbed pathway that leads through this walkway. Start envisioning yourself walking along this walkway, feeling the energy from the blossoms above and feeling the nature’s blessings on the place. You feel calm and centred as you walk along it. And as you start to feel more at peace, know that a seat or a bench has materialised beneath the row of trees on your left, visualise yourself walking to this bench and sit for a while to wait for someone to join you. At this point, you can ask AA Raphael and AA Michael to step forward and join you in your meditation if you wish. Once both angels join you, you can then ask him to cut your cords around your chakras and cut anything that needs to be cut. You may do this by just asking him to step forward and trusting that he is there and present.

Ask him to cut any cords that are needed to be cleared around the base chakra - cords can be visualised as black or grey depending phone cables or strands that link you to another person. Either way these can be cleared with help of the Angels or any other deity that you believe in. Trust that he will give you the sign of confirmation to say that he’s finished clearing the emotional ties and cords, then ask for AA Raphael to step forward and send out love and healing energy along the link to the person so that they can move on from your energy and be transported back into the time and space or dimension that they are in.

When AA Michael is finished with this base chakra, ask for his energy to do the next chakra, which is the sacral chakra, and the emotional sense of self. Ask for him to clear away any cords that need cutting or feelings of fear, doubt, heavy weighing energy that is weighing you down, ask for any hooks to be removed, or repairs to be redone. Trust he is doing what you’ve asked him to do - remember to keep your breathing naturally receding through this and if there’s any tension ask for AA Raphael to step forward and surround the source of it in loving healing light.

When he’s finished with this chakra , ask them to move forward to the next chakra, the solar plexus centre. Ask for the same to be done again and trust that the same is being done again. When finished, ask for them both to move on to the heart centre, then the throat centre, and the third eye, crown centre. Ask for them to be done individually at the same time but just a point before the last one is finished, the same process. You can ask for a sign from them both for confirmation when both are finished so as to let you know when your chakras are cleared and emotional ties are cut and completed.

When this is complete, thank them both for their time and energy, and ask them to step back, respectively.

(If someone joins you on the sit, as well, you can use your listening ability to just hear what they have to say.)

When finished this meditation, remember to take a couple of sips of water and bring your awareness back to the present room that you are in.

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