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Three Fingered Mummies from Peru are 'Not Human' 5nvklj

Three Fingered Mummies from Peru are 'Not Human' 9tpt39


Three Fingered Mummies from Peru are 'Not Human'

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Three Fingered Mummies from Peru are 'Not Human' Empty Three Fingered Mummies from Peru are 'Not Human'

Post by Cloud Sun Mar 18, 2018 2:57 pm

(Scientist claims)

A controversial Russian scientist has claimed that strange ‘alien’ remains unearthed in Nazca, Peru are ‘not human’.

The mummies were unearthed in 2017, and have been touted as evidence of ‘ancient aliens’ by UFO fans – who claim that the creatures may have inhabited the Earth long before people did.

Russian National Research University professor Konstantin Korotkov said, ‘They appear human but they are not. Their anatomic structure is different.

It’s worth noting that Korotkov is a noted eccentric who has previously claimed that he has invented a camera which can photograph the soul.

Korotkov said, ‘Right now we are making a detailed analysis to see if the shape of the position of all the chromosomes, of all the amino acids, coincides with ours.

Others are sceptical – pointing to the fact that the video’s creators are trying to charge people to download information from their website.

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Image Source/Credit
* A mummified Three Finger Hand With Eight Inch Fingers, found in Peru*

The World Congress on Mummy Studies has described the find as a fraud, and calls it, ‘an irresponsible organized campaign of disinformation.’

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual said, ‘I think the whole saga of finding these mummies is laughable and they are very probably fakes.

‘The new evidence does indicate the Maria is human, the only strange thing is that she has an unusual rib structure. This is probably because she is a so-called bone montage made by fakers.’

Full article here:

Source/Credit Yahoo News

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