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Happy Mothers Day (UK) 5nvklj

Happy Mothers Day (UK) 9tpt39


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Happy Mothers Day (UK)

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Happy Mothers Day (UK) Empty Happy Mothers Day (UK)

Post by Cloud Sat Mar 10, 2018 10:45 pm

Here in the UK it's Mothers day ... Tomorrow , 11th March

We have a couple of UK members here so I wanted to wish you all a happy mothers day
Have a lovely day.

For me, i'll be lighting a candle tomorrow and giving prayers of thanks for all the people in my life who have guided me throughout my life. And also in remembrance for those not with us tomorrow , whether it be a child or a mother ~

A mother to me is not justsomeone who has created you. I also see mothers as those females in your life who have stepped in and given you strength, guided you, taught you, shown you the light and accepted you as you are , completely

With this in view, I also  want to extend love out to the ladies who have raised step children, fostered, or just stepped in when someone's mum hadn't. Take it from me, thank you  :flower2:

Happy mothers day to those who's children are living far away
Happy mothers day to all mums who can't or wont have any visits with their children today
Happy mothers day to those who have no biological children of their own
Happy mothers day to those who have dogs/cats/animals
Happy mothers day to the mums and grandmothers  who have departed for now
Happy mothers day to the single mums who take on all roles
Happy mothers day to the lady that looks after everyone else & guides the young


To any mums who have miscarried or had late term losses , you're not forgotten
Nor are those who will be struggling as their mothers, sons or daughters are absent (for any reason)

hugs  hugs
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