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Soul Mates And Twin Flames

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Soul Mates And Twin Flames Empty Soul Mates And Twin Flames

Post by Dragon Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:49 am

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Soul mates. A soul mate is someone who you have a significant connection with. This can be a friend, lover, or family member. Essentially, it is anyone who you feel bonded to. A soul mate will help you grow in life, and will help you evolve and grow into your true self.

Twin flames. A twin flame shares many similarities with a soul mate. A twin flame can also be your soul mate, but to a more extreme level.  Twin flames derive from the same soul, and are separated into two when they are created. Often times, people believe two twin flames are halves that make up one whole, however upon splitting, they become their own soul.

You can have many soul mates in a life time. Soul mates are there to teach you life lessons and to be intimate with. However it is thought that after you’ve learned the lesson that one particular soul mate was meant to teach you, your relationship with them has run its course.

Incarnations. Twin flames may or may not happen in every person’s lifetime. According to, “twin flames don’t often go though incarnations at the same time. Usually one will incarnate while the other stays and assists from the higher realms. As your soul progresses, the time may come for you to be reunited with your twin flame on the physical plane. This person can be of the same or opposite sex, but spiritually they will encompass the yin or yang essence to complement yours.

Energy. Soul mates are put into your life to help lead you to your twin flame. You can connect on a deep level with a soul mate, but you don’t share the same energy. With a twin flame, because you come from the same soul, you also share the same energy.

Relationships. Because twin flames are from the same soul, they are extremely similar. Upon meeting, the similarities are so prevalent that they might scare off one of the twin flames. They will recognize so much of themselves in the other that they will run out of fear.

Meeting. Your soul mates are meant to inspire you in life. They are there to help you find yourself, and to be happy with the person you are meant to be. You meet soul mates on a regular basis in your life time. We might not meet our twin flames however, until we’ve already lived through several lifetimes.

Enlightenment. It is thought that twin flames don’t meet until both souls have reached complete enlightenment, which could take more than one lifetime. According to, “all other relationships through all our lives could be said to be 'practice' for the twin, the ultimate relationship.”

Meetings. There are people who believe they have met their twin flames in this lifetime. Some feel one hundred percent sure that they have met them, while others are left feeling uncertain.


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