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My Poetry - AaronAzrael

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:56 am

I will publish my poetry here.

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Mon Sep 27, 2021 10:57 am

Archangel Michael
Whose is this Decisive Light?
Intent of Will Divinely true
Holding the Sword in his hand right
in the left - a goblet of virtues

the gifts of God's benevolence
a guardian leading us through fear
his generous biddings hence
eternally win over enemies dear;

the enemy was born in us
in the path that sins and deviates
the harmony in his voice, thus,
gives us valor, might and faith!

his posture is a defendor ~ dignified,
he is watching over every roamer
he's the one that truly fortifies
with Holy Waters he blesses us over.

healing us through love eternal
his eyes don't ever give up, ever!
our life so crude, at times infernal,
I know upsets their shine so clever.

behind his pain - a hallelujah crying
as the plan Almighty is evolving
Be dignified! he uttered, barefoot, undying
he entered the Temple of God, all resolving.

it was the time of his sanctification
after the Trial of the River Seventh
under the Cross and Wreath she was patient
Maria Braveheart caressed his Feet, did so fervent.

You have faced treason, incision,
I know it happened more than once
yet so fiery and bold, your vision,
shows us, dear, what a man

leads us trough our realm so scary and abhorrent.
through our deepest hopes and dreams
through the deeds with a heavenly importance
by all blessed and purest means.

How do I support you, oh, you grown shy boy!
Yes, you are like an unction to me...
You are the Christed Light and my Merriest joy!
Archangel Michael, please, Always Be!

"A Son-Creator complete, with firm temper,

Michael Archistrato, sii benedetto per sempre!"

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Thu Sep 30, 2021 2:54 pm

Holy Spirit
A tender current overwhelmed me
It was purifying ~ full of beauty ✧・゚:*
the sort of aesthetics that do gently
show only aspects so refined and rooted

in the spectre of imagery and perfumes
that cry with sorrow's tragical glorification
and per se is delicate and clean, a cure
I want to keep my home so neat, oh the pulsation

of your heart is so strong, shining honour
when I look in your eyes I see forgiveness strict
A dedicated man, your soul's an armour
that no one can break, you blessed and rosy benedict! ~

Pacify my anger, take away my mortal sins
my flesh, its lowly life intakes-accumulations
and If I could have a gift, then I would sing
as to glorify thy Beauty and thy halo ~ so spacious

you encompass the universe barefoot
so please forgive me my imperfections
I would enter heaven naked, with good
only so caring, so sharing with affection!

I want to kiss you, and bear your children
give birth to all adamantine, oh, crystal delight!
I want to tell you, your lips as you're smiling
are immaculate, so do I drink water under your light!

The touch of cold waters is a bit tingling
as cheerful as fairies in forests of tales
I feel like an angel, oh Ghost Holy, I'm sprinkling
as I get baptised in the purest, your Faith!

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by Dragon Sat Oct 02, 2021 2:55 am

My Poetry - AaronAzrael 463789c9d518f2e50a0689f3b4baa24e

Beautifully written AaronAzrael.

Lovely flowing natural cadence.

Thank-You for sharing with us.

My Poetry - AaronAzrael 334pu7m

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Mon Nov 08, 2021 12:57 pm

What has ever been the curse
of women since the dawn of life?
What is the fear they consider the worst,
calling out only piercing shrieks and cries?

It is their death. The ugliness.
A grave the swinging cradle,
turned to deathbed of loneliness,
genes displeased, karma prenatal.

Even the most affectionate soul,
the tender understanding angel,
would provoke rejection and foul,
disgust ridiculing the honest stranger.

It was Yordan Yovkov that said
Beauty is always a blessed exhuberance,
melting the emptiest hearts she met,
yet how many times the reason for vengeance.

Albena was the sinful shame
of unreasonable immorality, the village
patriarchal tried to put her to a bane,
starting a process of hanging her, to pillage

her virginity lost, still a maiden,
as beauty is a host of purity;
And even desacration does fade in
softening of their chaotic cruelty.

In the middle of the road,
whilst they were yelling "Kill her!"
Silence suddenly ruled and brought
forward voices with pity unheard.

"Albeno, oh, Albeno..."
silent whispers did spread..
"What did you do, be, jeno.."
and they sincerely wept.

"Spare her life, spare it, and turn!"
The crowd changed the fuss' tone,
"The village is nothing without her, we'd burn
without her beauty illuminating our home!"

Cheerful they laughed, as they were saved.
Their eyes would bathe in loveliness.
They rejoiced, unwavering, they faced
the true force of this lady, the prettiness.

But not all princesses possess that luck.
Some are born in palaces of gold,
and diamonds, and rubies; but lack
these women any charm, it's told.

The faces dry and skin so worn out,
the nose is disproportionate and big,
the lips are thin, juiciless,without
any red hues, the hair cheap like wig.

Small eyes, protruding cheeks,
theeth are going every places,
somehow she's pushing away all, weeks
after weeks, antipathy in their faces.

That was the fate of princess Virupa.
The daughter of Prasenajit, the Indian king.
She was at marriagable age, that issued a
problem so serious of obtaining a ring.

She was growing ever hopeless...
and her father was ashamed.
Princes and warriors around her were voiceless..
Even merchants ran away inflamed.

Yet there was a saler rather weahlty
he came to live in Cravasti, their place,
Ganga his name, origins humble and healthy,
and the king put this chance not to waste.

"He's never seen my daughter!" he reflected
with wits discerning, tired and unflinching
"Perhaphs he won't refuse to marry her, neglecting
the royal titles, positions, treasures" and evincing

his will of an aristocrate ruler,
he summoned the son-in-law future,
the latter did not actually refute her,
lured by understandable reasons, recruited.

But he saw her only after his hasty consent.
And he was absolutely terrified,
condemning his fate, imprisoned and bent
immediately to doom, petrified.

He hated her guts. He'd rather burst in flames
than touch her or spend his life with her,
bound to her in circumstances of life and the pains
of misfortune, when beauty doozes who's hurt.

And also the humiliation...
Of showing her in front his friends..
Lowering reputation; no patience
or mercy would show her he, hence.

He hid her as a prisoner.
Never to let her outside the mansion.
She showed affection and care, her inner
mildness tried with care to provoke his sanction.

But unwavering the merchant, now
a noble of a rank so high.
He'd be rude and eventually showed
only depressed darkness, his wife.

She found her life meaningless.
The Gods and Godess had abandoned her.
Born to hurt forever in distress,
no pleasure in any deed, or second, for sure.

One night, her husband was invited
to a dinner with his friends, their wives.
Whoever disagreed to bring the women requited
a sum sufficient in gold; in hundreds - five.

He didn't bring her. Virupa knew.
And lost the last will to somehow live.
She hung herself and the soul kind of flew
to dimensions that suicide do not forgive.

But Siddharta, in the nearby regions,
felt the departure of her etherial breath,
and he rushed there, just in time that weakens
every second that death steps in to shred.

He unhung her; she inhaled herself back.
He laughed with the marriest ease.
She hated him and in instance turned black,
she reproached him and called him a disease.

"How dare you save me?
Don't you see my ugly face?
I hate every blink and see,
you brought me back from my good faith!"

But Siddharta was calm and quiet.
He showed her the mirror in the room.
And recommended "Look, there's your riot"
And she was a divine portrait that bloomed.

She shouted in unexpected shock,
and laughed in an infinite amusement blessed,
She was happy. She felt peace, a rock
fell down from her chest, thanking the guest.

Meanwhile, her husband Ganga's folks,
were drunk and getting even drunker as it was,
and started playing around, pinching him, jokes
were they spreading, for their curiosity lasts.

"Who is your wife?" They didn't stop inquiring.
"She must be of beauty unseen" They were sure.
"That's why you hide her, you jealous, admiring
her as the only woman in the world" they assured.

They pushed him to his home of distaste.
He was in horror, his blood turned to frost.
Yet the anger was burning, he was faced
with a nightmare, he'd now be a host

of a ridicule that's neverending,
always reminded of his shame,
but when they entered, there was waiting
The Goddess of Fairness, tamed.

"Oh, that's why you hid her!"
They altogether in a choir loud,
shouted and joyful praised, lured
to be with her, a dream without

a future, as it was forbidden forever.
She belonged only to Ganga the prince.
And the Buddha had disappeared so clever,
and Ganga wondered what was he seeing, since

he knew what she looked like
and could not comprehend
what was going on, what a strike
on his rationale, what had sent

him such a vision desired,
that unreachably impossible has been;
the wine surely blinded him to admire
the virgin he'd prefer to have instead seen.

But Virupa told him the story.
What an astonishment dawned
upon the couple, and now in glory
they lived their life renowned.

Everywhere they'd go, whispers emerged,
rumours of envy and vengeous intent.
Glorification, awe and beauty always surged,
as the Symbol of Mercy they were sent.

They thanked all their life and beyond
the gift that the Master gave birth to;
she conceived this gem and a bond
she developed with Ganga, soothed so.

They loved each other until the rest of their path
that brought them together on this earth.
Were the lessons learned? Now they had
the chance to be grateful and heard

the benevolence and salvation of God,
and they the Brahman's mystery perceived,
their mind always occupied by the thought
of the holy all-presence of the Creator they retrieved!

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Mon Nov 08, 2021 12:58 pm


Hermes Mercurius, the Trismegistus,
was wandering in rocky places,
desolation's perfect for some justice,
as you do not pretend before the faces.

Heat cannot affect the quietude
of the well-acquainted with the meditation,
the heart is a temple, a fiery prelude
to the entrance of Violet Flame's transmutation.

It's not a slumber. It is still.
Between the chaos of blindness' ire
but also yielding your will,
yet your physics also health require.

The buddha's consciousness expands
in mercy's all-approaching beautitude;
harmonius and merging lands;
Thoth transcended to the strangest mood.

Suddenly! A dragon's eyes,
resembling Avatars, the dancing in dimmed past,
serious and absolutely without lies,
that in All the currents pour the Life that lasts.

His Merkhaba rotating in Creation,
in unison with atoms, particles and voids,
and underneath the bursting roars of damnation,
the Dragon's piercing gaze in silence voiced.

The dragon uttered "Thoth",
calling him with name a secret,
his real one, the closest to God,
the conscious wisdom sacred.

"The World's Mystery's before thee"
And Hermes stuttered in ultimate awe,
the Dragon he stared during three Aeons that breathe
and after this infinity he beseeched the lawed

to reveal his identity of mysteries;
and the Creature tested him;
after a pause he agreed to this;
and sounded an intent from within.

"I am Piomandres!" He declared,
The Mind of The Creation,
the First Intelligence, the Prepared,
The Emperor of Impetus patient,

the Self-Begotten, The Ennead of the World,
the Thought so First of our Universal Pater,
The Nous that articulates the perfect Word,
the Joint Performer, freeing God, making him greater.

Piomandres elated Hermes in the Sky
with a Current so Refreshing and invigorating,
illuminating him but first he'd let him try
to decipher with approach creative, thus waiting.

He disclosed the nature of all things...
the constitution of the deities and their beyonds,
"Remember! Don't speak in vain!" and swished his wings,
and the flows filling all things christened all bonds.

"The secret is a secret!" He warned crudely;
as the veils of God covered what shan't be entered;
so all disclosures are a gesture of trust; so would he
be ignorant, rushed or mis-tempered?

What an abuse would it be, if misspread;
Such a Trust from the Ghost that's Reason,
all the misscattered information has bled,
it is considered unpardoned, a treason.

Mistakes are always by him forgiven,
yet they cannot reverse their consequence,
the hurricane's eye is the Dragon, living,
trying to wake our wits, a tutor is he, hence.

Piomandres changed the Creature's form.
Now he was a Light of Radiance Pure;
he was multicoloured; He was white and warm,
pulsating, spiritual in nature; cool.

Effulgence and the material things faded
from his consciousness, sinking in darkness,
a depth that swallowed the light, troubling, shaded,
descended in pitch black; as much in sharpness.

Watery substance unknown appeared in the midst,
smokelike vapour twisted itself upwards, lessening,
moanings and sighings inarticulate kissed;
in an instant a pillar of Light rose out threatening,

earth and water remained untouched underneath;
Light formed above in ease, Fluid formed below in toil;
then they mingled and Inseparable they meet;
Reason swept upon the surface; it caused turmoil.

Hermes was speechless; he observed in echoes far;
Ennead's company intimidating in an epochal surge;
First the bliss; and legions of loyal explorers of stars;
whoever entered, enriched... but some would not emerge.

Deus Ex, glimpsed in Trinitary hinterland remote yearnings,
Uttered Word in Laws of Pure Elations Strict,
Life departed from the Archetype Supreme, in Striving flames burning,
Son guiding a Sacred Quest to Enliven the Proto Creation Relict!

So The Dragon goes in choir sole,
Singing in Unheard before reverberation,
awe-provoking to Pronounce it All,
He Awoke the Highest self of Thoth's Causation!

"I Thy God am the Light and the Mind which were before substance was divided from spirit and darkness from Light. And the Word which appeared as a pillar of flame out of the darkness is the Son of God, born of the mystery of the Mind. The name of that Word is Reason. Reason is the offspring of Thought and Reason shall divide the Light from the darkness and establish Truth in the midst of the waters. Understand, O Hermes, and meditate deeply upon the mystery. That which in you sees and hears is not of the earth, but is the Word of God incarnate. So it is said that Divine Light dwells in the midst of mortal darkness, and ignorance cannot divide them. The union of the Word and the Mind produces that mystery which is called Life. As the darkness without you is divided against itself, so the darkness within you is likewise divided. The Light and the fire which rise are the divine man, ascending in the path of the Word, and that which fails to ascend is the mortal man, which may not partake of immortality. Learn deeply of the Mind and its mystery, for therein lies the secret of immortality." - a quote from Piomandres;

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Tue Nov 09, 2021 8:58 am

1. Allfather (mine)! It thundered
with downpours of the Godly Wrath
to purify, intended, those asunder
it torrents down to straighten paths.

Or maybe it's mortification of the Father
that shall lose a loyal son of his
He caresses saint so shattered
that chose the irreversible, the sins.

An impetus Proud, Sublime
a Declaration of The Freedom
with aspiration independent prime
the Primary I'M soaring and succeding

It both contains the fresh beginning,
in immortality so cheerefully haunted
it sumberges slowly but so bidding
in the Vice with Sorrow planted.

A Life-sacrificing moment in return
so convinced of Himself's own Charisma
disappointedly shoots forward, run
in the Word of God, Parable-Sigma!

The Morning Ray of First shines cold,
it surfaces through rainy clouds
so pure and clean the Hour ought
to change its Arrow, so he fell ad infinitum.. low, and out.

A moment of Loss!

Michael screams, the pain is insane

Death killed him! Oh, Cross!

the silence muted all sounds but bane...


Michael stares emptily as to forever

atomic bomb explodes; no sound

the candle lights immediately sever

The Eden Apple cracks so gaunt.

It was Eva that conveyed the seed
with hand so innocent naive and friendly
she wouldn't understand the deed
the child would turn ill so playfully, gently.

And then the corridor Eleventh
wraps the Canon of the Sin
and the Hour reveberates but now the Seventh
and the Power Haughtily now aims to Win

"I don't want to lose you, brothered!"
And my music now shall blare, Thee!
oh, Prodigal Son, so irreversibly scattered
"Thou, God Almighty, Please, Forever Be!

Thou, profoundest Hell,
Receive thy new possession;
One who can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven,
He whom thunder hath made greater!
I am Lucifer."

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by Cloud Wed Nov 10, 2021 2:44 am

I really enjoyed reading these and I admire your unique style

Thanks for sharing - Looking forward to reading more

I have made this thread a ‘sticky’ so it will always show at the top of the Art / Talent category, hope that is ok with you?

🤗 Cloud

My Poetry - AaronAzrael Jl2e89

Quality over quantity.✌️

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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Wed Nov 10, 2021 9:19 am

Of course! This even flatters me. I will publish more. :)
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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Wed Nov 10, 2021 9:20 am

I, a young juvenile of the Azraelites,
born in a legacy of the knowledge occult,
am passing through a portal of megalites,
and I find myself before the Catherdal as a result.

"Wow!" I'm saying to myself alone;
adventurous and full of sacred passion;
the Old Testament on the piazza stone
appears and I touch it with compassion...

As I already knew it; this was the Chapel
of the Pope and Vatican's hidden secrets.
I immediately felt all the alphabets, oh Apple
of Eden that is a corridor of pure, and decrets.

But I smirked, as I already unveiled
all the mysteries you thought so deep.
I know their emanations, so pale,
I luminescate and I see how you creep.

Lurking as a lizzard, but I have an entrance
with my steps, the knights and monks start clattering,
will you be seeking your evil pervert vengence?
My Mother has accumulated it, lived it and so ever flattering,

she gave the new Music of Creation
that can give and transmutate the life
of everything that breathes, vibrates in elation...
So the Word rearranges itself and it glyphes

the Magical Alchemical Symbols Combined
that now revived the deepest of the source
and Yahweh's Wrath, a myth so divine
that means unleashing the Purifying lore.

Are you the Unbegotten?
Or an Elohim of Forms...
Have you ever been forgotten?
Are you Jewish or alien, endorse?

I already sensed you had in common
the same Rage but avid, power-seeking,
in the ancient times of consciense so Aramean,
Neo-Assyrian of domination, keeping

in mind what would come later;
as the Unfathered really merged with you;
when with the same Wrath as a Father
he cried for Lucifer and the lost, misguided, who

would be doomed to a fate so blessed in destruction,
and this is the true meaning behind encoded God
in the Testament and Thou were in the process of construction;
for if abandoned by all, he would be alone and separated, yet so Awed.

Mixing a sacred meaning with what's inverted;
however, you shall see the Day,
the Hour when it will further swing the perverted
and you shall Become, so it Shall be Thine Way.

Yahweh, I never read the Bible.
I just touched its black covers with a golden cross
I felt the pouring rage so archetypal,
I lived all the Holy Script's stories and I encrypted the Laws.

The Vatican library is an entity living,
that possesses a free will;
it shall live on no one else's bidding;
the books come to life so still,

now that Yahweh's been born
as a cosmogenic Mythical Dios of Stariya Zavet,
they are not hidden or forlorn
and the metals clatter, Enoch and Solomon's symbols, go ahead,

go ahead and let the Word of God flow!
Let Merikhene Say Bohrensee!
So, Light, Now Go!
Illumination and Chrystic Energy shall BE!

When I read the free accessible teaching,
of Physics of Esothery, and then Urantia of Andromeda,
was it weird for me, that I'm preaching
more easily of the Ain Sof divinity Energy undistinguished to better?

Yes, I have see the Primary Force Organisers
transforming potency into primordial force
before appearing as universe powers, equalisers,
transmutation of some Absolute source.

Havona's Energy, oh the Triata,
is what Yahweh truly's meant to emanate;
oh Sephirots, the Guardians of the Unfathered,
The Son and Holy Spirit, have you seen how beautiful is their state....?

I shall call the Son for Now;
he didn't quite want to be a Pope;
so in Bulgaria's parallel universe he shall
Be the King of the Azraelites' hope...!
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My Poetry - AaronAzrael Empty Re: My Poetry - AaronAzrael

Post by AaronAzrael Wed Dec 08, 2021 7:25 pm

Maislovaaron Navsegbogdaiar
"Hello there, Fair face!"
I smirked with hidden intent;
"Did you finally destroy the race
of Arda that Mordor-wise went?"

But Annatar's insidious.
He plays around with all figures
of Middle Earth's chessboard, so serious.
He always observes and triggers

scenarios, where he gives some hints;
Oh, how does he enjoy their strategies,
when they strive to save their lifes, he wins.
Oh, the bliss of them bloody flatteries.

Will they find their way out?
Ever wondering why he hidden remains?
Why to erase them without
some pregaming with perfect disdain?

He'd eviscerate them in a second.
His Eye did Frodo see.
But would Pippin light the beacon,
if encaptivated, dead? No, free

shall he fight the slow corruption
that spreads omniously from within.
And when he gets bored, his seduction
would be to annihilate their hopeful hymns.

He laughed at the trumpets, so cunning,
of Al-Pharazon sounding for combat;
again, at the storm electrifying, summoning
the secret of the Ring immortal; at

his own thought, the pinnacle of his Design;
He burns in fiery shadows, but today no
death for them. The One merrily shines,
as Frodo threw Him in Gorthaur's volcano,

expecting that all would now be over.
But at the sea departing to Valinor he felt
a premonition clenching his heart, hover
did he ever since in the den the Enemy dwelt.

That's why Annatar waited for so long.
That's why the scenarios unveiled so slowly.
Oh, sweet Valinor, do you feel secure and strong?
The Ring's not only Power, but Annihilation, mostly.

Once the Gate to His Hellfire is open,
every particle would burn with shrieks,
each atom disintegrated to acid, his token
to all efforts that the fools desperately seek.

But my mind is roaming, too.
His Eye met my exploring ghost.
Marvelled, he asked politely, who
is that girl, this intelligent host?

"What sort of intellect is that?"
And I grasped his damned intent.
In love, I implored for last
re-consideration from his enchanting scent.

"I know you take joy when victims pray."
I explained objectively to this Majesty.
"But there's beauty in the sunrise's ray"
"It's a mere sensation of pain, their tragedy."

"If I could beg you only once"
"My only chance to melt your heart"
"Would you give up your infernal plan?"
So my intimate speech did start.

"Oh, your eyes of purest amber"
"How they glow with glimmer of gold"
"Would my appreciation soothe your anger?"
"If I propose myself to be your bride, Lord Cold?"

What is the sensation when you hear his confession.
"I am in love with you" he whispered.
Your heart, Annatar, is my Precious possession.
Yet I didn't want to sever his discord.

I stood at Minas Thirith's towers,
seeking to find his shadow that spreads.
"I promise never to be evil" he showers
me with honesty. So for him, I bled.

Hissing with blood, splashing on his face.
Would I believe his good word?
"It would be justified not to." He says.
"I believe you anyways, my bird".

But this lingering dying past kills me...
I cannot stop observing the shadow of Mordor.
So a treacherous gleam in my eye chills me.
"Do you want to destroy the Universe, My Ardour?"

He laughs, his insidious laughter.
"Yes, of course" His Seduction did please.
"You're the Infinit Spirit, thereafter"
"Maislovaaron Navsegbogdaiar, you seize

all Life in order to control it or subvert it."
"Your intellect is unreachable, indeed."
"So I believe you can expand it, your wit."
"As much as the Ghost Holy, even exceed

his reach, now have a new perspective."
"You're evil, but now I proclaim you a saint"
"Anayovlob Satannatar, you're always objective"
"Now drink my blood, unleash the Ring restrained."

"Do you want to destroy the world?"
I asked. We both hysterically took joy.
I saw in amber the disintegration. Yet the Word
now flows inside his pitch red heart. This boy...

Is a Maiar spirit, oh Goodness.
What is this mystery, the Maiar, I can't??
"I thank Havona for Your Life, My Bloodness"
So the Infinite Ghost down to Mordor went.

"You're the excellent scholar, Shedanbludgor."
And his ambition grows even stronger.
Today he sings Gregorian chants instead of gore.

Yet the past shadow that lingers.. it conquers

my throat, that's clenched with pain as a stone.
I don't want to see his Evil weakened.
So I thank for the sheen in His Eye that's ungone.
You, Sadistic laughter...

Let's destroy the world this weekend.

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