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Dream analysis

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Dream analysis Empty Dream analysis

Post by Eagle Tue Aug 03, 2021 3:34 pm

Every once in awhile, i have this dream where I am standing in my house, getting ready to go somewhere. I look out the window to see what kind of day it is, bright and sunny and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves in the trees. This is where it gets strange, I open my door to leave and suddenly, everything is gone, neighbours houses, vehicles, trees, birds etc. The only thing present is my house. I panic and go back inside and look out the window only to find that everything outside is normal again. Can anyone explain the significance of why the external environment changes when I leave the house?

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Dream analysis Empty Re: Dream analysis

Post by Cloud Wed Aug 04, 2021 2:07 am

Hi Eagle

It was great chatting with you in the chat rooms yesterday. We are very happy you have joined us cheers

Dragon and Mermaid (Our admins) are the best people for dream analysis here but I find it really interesting and will mention what I feel until they both see this post

My first impressions would be...on a psychological level, your home is your comfort zone. As soon as you step outside everything changes/ disappears and it scares you enough to go back inside. Looking outside again it's back to normal; This makes me think of subconscious anxiety of leaving your comfort zone and safe space. You really have been working hard to get to some place but your fears at the last minute have held you back (Not necessarily in going outside, but could be anything you keep on preparing yourself to do but worry sets you back in the final moments).
The Sunny weather is warm and reassuring and this shows that it's not anything particularly bad. If it were raining or storming you would think otherwise.. I feel as though this dream is showing that there's positivity in your ventures and to be discouraged from giving up at the last minute.

I wonder what would happen in the dream if you could re-write it and didn't turn back indoors for example. Neighbours houses and the symbolism is best left to Dragon and Mermaid but if you believe in these dreams being messages (I personally believe they are) then I would take this message (if it were mine) that I were worried about judgement, feeling crowded or closed in, and to venture a bit further next time. As much as the house is security and safety, it's still sunny outside and me approaching outdoors doesn't change it. Perhaps it doesn't disappear because you are going out there. Perhaps it is not in your control or your fault, but that it was going to happen anyway.

Example: Are you reading too deeply in to coincidences in your life by blaming yourself. Are you blaming yourself for too many things that simply would have occured anyway, regardless of the time - regardless of you being there or not?

our subconscious mind is so interesting...

Thanks for sharing with us

Speak soon

Dream analysis Jl2e89

Quality over quantity.✌️

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Dream analysis Empty Re: Dream analysis

Post by Mermaid Wed Aug 04, 2021 3:24 am

Keeping it simple is what I believe in lol so here goes....

Your home is your safe place where  you can be you with no judgement.  Whether that judgement be from yourself or others .  We are our own worst critics. 

The fact that everything is gone outside makes me think of how unsure we can be when we leave our safe place.  When you return to it the world goes back to normal.

How lucky are you that you have a place that you feel safe in!

Don't be your own worst critic ... go easy on yourself.  And while it is good that you are cautious don't be afraid to step out into the world.  It can be a pretty nice place too.

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Dream analysis Empty Re: Dream analysis

Post by Dragon Thu Aug 05, 2021 6:26 am

Without - Within

Parting dimensions

Past of leftover futures, unseen
Scars wearing you

Clam-shell covering... locking

Lost familiarity
Pushing close... nearing away

Seeking equilibrium

Senses arcing up
Realities emerging

Good endings surfacing

As what is true returns

Inner interpretation - Outer projection

Dream analysis 334pu7m

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Dream analysis Empty Re: Dream analysis

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