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Children are more sensitive to seeing spirit. What can we do to help them  5nvklj

Children are more sensitive to seeing spirit. What can we do to help them  9tpt39


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Children are more sensitive to seeing spirit. What can we do to help them

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Children are more sensitive to seeing spirit. What can we do to help them  Empty Children are more sensitive to seeing spirit. What can we do to help them

Post by Cloud Wed Jun 23, 2021 6:37 am

Children are naturally more open to seeing/hearing/sensing.

We get a lot of members in chat mentioning their small children are seeing spirit, having dreams that are premonition- like .. we just want to let you know it's nothing to fear and it's not anything to do with evil. We are all born in to this world without any supression.. when we are young we only follow what is instinctual. We know how to cry, to drink, to sleep and wake, as your child grows and is old enough to point, or talk, they are able to communicate what they are seeing a bit better. It's normal, not common, but not as uncommon as you might think for children to see relatives in the spirit world who are deceased. It's not evil but naturally your child might be frightened because it's not something they are familiar seeing every day. They also have imaginations that are free and colourful and creative.. as much as I believe personally that children are open to the spiritual experiences we are, I also believe still that some of them are just having nightmares based on something they have seen or heard. Children do tell each other ''scary stories'' and so on. Maybe they didn't watch something scary but you'd be surprised how well kids remember. One glimpse of a scary scene on the TV is all they need for nightmares. They have great memories and great imaginations and those two together can create horrible night terrors. It's not anything evil. But that's not to dismiss they might be seeing a grandparent, or an Angel, or a spirit animal. Or a glimpse in to a past life.

How you can help them:
Naturally, you might be scared, but as Mermaid mentions a lot in chat, it's good to empower the children to have a sense of control over the situation. They are more likely to sleep better and not feel as anxious if you reassure them that they have control over the situation. Kids naturally look to mom or dad when they are scared, it can be hard to know what to do, but giving your child a way to feel strong against the scary things will help them to realise that nothing scary will stay and they can tell them to go away and that they will. Listen to them, try and figure out if there's a reason for them (Kids aren't always as articulate as we can be.. they might not know why they are scared of the closet for example) reassuring them that there's nothing inside is one way of helping, but so is taking small measures to combat the fear. Is it because the room is too dark... is it because there are noises coming from there (pipes clanging, birds on the roof etc). If so then there are things you can do.. a night light so they can see for themselves that it's safe. Explaining what the noises are

Cuddly toys and monster sprays are something that others use. You can fill up a spray bottle and label it as monster spray (or fairy spray, or whatever you want to name it) let the child create and decorate an empty spray bottle. Fill it with water and maybe a drop of lavender oil and let your child know that this magical spray will get rid of anything scary. If they feel scared in the night let them know they can spray this once and everything will stop being scary ... it's just an idea and is something that can empower them to feel in control of the situation

whilst still helping them to feel independent, confident and strong. After all spirit are not harmful to us or them, 99.9 percent of the time, if your child is seeing spirit, it's usually someone known to the family and they won't linger around, they'll show once in a blue moon and move on again. But children have good memory, they may see them once but then will be scared of them every day for the forseeable future. Reassuring them is the most important. They are too young to understand what abilities are, all you can do is help them to feel safe and reassured

Children are more sensitive to seeing spirit. What can we do to help them  Jl2e89

Quality over quantity.✌️

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Children are more sensitive to seeing spirit. What can we do to help them  Empty Re: Children are more sensitive to seeing spirit. What can we do to help them

Post by spirithawk06 Sat Jul 03, 2021 2:33 am

When my daughter was a toddler, she followed me outside when I was feeding livestock one night. It was clear and the stars were really bright. We don't have a lot of light pollution on my land, so the stars were just gorgeous that night. I was walking back to the house when she came find me. I picked her up and carried her towards the house. She pointed up at the sky and said, "See Beki." She had the biggest smile on her face. My mother in law passed away the day my husband and I officially started dating. I had met her twice, but my children were not able to meet her in person as she passed away almost two years before we had my first daughter. We hadn't really spoken about her much, at least not enough to warrant my girl saying that. I felt comforted by the fact that my daughter's grandmother was watching over her.

We've had both positive and negative experiences with our children encountering the paranormal. That particular memory is one that still makes me smile.

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