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Cloud's Reviews

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Post by Cloud9 Tue Jun 22, 2021 6:45 am

Here are my reviews from readings : Whilst there are only a few i've added here, they are the most recent and only ones that I have personally kept. We don't usually share our feedback here but thought it would be nice for you to read if you are looking for it

I've edited half of each username to protect their identities

N*******8 5 April
''Im still in shock! Wow Wow Wow! :)) Truely gifted indeed! Very compassionate and mentioned details that no one could ever know. Shes is such a beautiful person! Thank you so much love! X''

B*******bunny 31 January
''The mere fact that she was able to connect through multiple decades of a person’s life with little to go on was a blessing for me...''

K****a 15 January
''Incredibly insightful! <3 ''

h*******995 3 August
''She was spot on but most importantly she has great energy. If you are able to catch her, please give her a chance because her insight is spot on.''

****a15 30 December
''Thank you soo much''

W****96 31 October
Honestly, she's amazing! really really amazing! helped me through so much over the last few weeks..I highly recommend, supportive caring and compassionate xoxo

*****elf 29 October
My Favorite of all time! Thank you for being there for me!

y***ia 25 October
She’s a wonderful reader and person who gives amazing advice.

Fa*****9827 23 October

k*****ma 26 September
She is very caring and so approachable I feel I can talk to her and open up to her about anything. She’s explained my reading with her well and she understood so well what I’m going through. I’ll always be back xx

*****96 26 September
Excellent, spot on!! Lovely, caring I highly recommend x

S*****22 25 September
Extremely kind and accurate! You have been very helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend everyone to speak with you! Thank you!

lo***q 25 September
sweetest person who is very helpful in finding guidance for others, she is amazing. thank you so much

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