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What does it mean?


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What does it mean? Empty What does it mean?

Post by Skye1987 Thu Apr 15, 2021 1:48 am

What could this dream mean? It starts out with me at eating park ordering something. They say whatever time. It goes past that. I leave and start walking home. He came out and followed me. We start talking about I don't what. I don't remember. Then somewhere along the line we are in a car and he is driving. I don't remember where the car came from. It is like it just appeared. Then we go to some apartment building and he visits someone. It turns odd. I follow him in but as a cat. I wake up. I go back to sleep and finish it. I get a text saying my order is ready courtesy of. I can't seem to see the name. It ends with someone saying they caught me in the room with him. I can't make sense of it

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What does it mean? Empty Re: What does it mean?

Post by Dragon Thu Apr 15, 2021 8:16 pm

Outside is in - Eating at what you've become
Food for thoughts - Not your own
Feeding off the choices of others'
Starving Ephiphanies

Mis-Guided - Letting others' drive
No steering, no brakes from the passenger's side
One-Way hell

Private sanctum's desires - Locked away
Hidden views - Hungering for Truths
Both Hunter and Prey

Secular in-bound - Out of time
Losing energies on paths not Yours
Taking sight

Expectations Unfulfilled

Formal Read Constituitively
From Dragon's Blood

Neither bought nor sold
You are the key you hol(e)d

What does it mean? 334pu7m

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