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Undertaker recalls his paranormal experiences


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Undertaker recalls his paranormal experiences Empty Undertaker recalls his paranormal experiences

Post by Cloud Mon Mar 22, 2021 12:54 am

An undertaker named Morty Stein has gained fame by sharing his own unsettling experiences on TikTok.
While many paranormal investigators will venture out to cemeteries and crypts in search of paranormal activity, undertakers spend their whole working lives in close contact with the deceased.

Unsurprisingly, some of them have their own ghost stories to tell.

One of these is Morty Stein - otherwise known as 'funeralhomeconfessions' on TikTok - who has been regaling his followers with unsettling tales from his time working at an allegedly haunted funeral home.

"A few years ago I used to work at a funeral home that had a reputation for being haunted," he said. "There was a loft that overlooked the chapel, and the only way you could get up to the loft was to open a really creepy door and go up some really rickety stairs."

"So, if anybody opened the door or went up the stairs, you would know somebody was on their way up. We were actually watching our boss conduct a service and while we were upstairs in the loft watching the service, we heard this voice yell out, 'get out of here!'"

In another incident, Stein had been preparing a body for viewing.

"The family came in and did the final viewing, they had the visitation, and at the end of the visitation after everybody left, I was getting ready to close the casket and the left hand was over the right, so I changed it and put the right hand back over the left, closed the casket lid, locked it and went home," he said.

"The next day I came back, I was the first one in the funeral home, I unlocked the casket, opened it up and the left hand was over the right."

"It could've been someone playing a joke on me, but I think it was a ghost."

You can check out more of his eerie tales here


Undertaker recalls his paranormal experiences Jl2e89

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