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Kind words from survivors


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Kind words from survivors Empty Kind words from survivors

Post by Cloud Sat Feb 20, 2021 10:45 am

You might feel that you have obstacles that you can never overcome but we promise you can get yourself out of them and untangle yourself from everything you feel is holding you down, weighing you down or stopping you from living a happier, free, safe, healthy life.

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You might feel that you are existing rather than living and that could be due to anything, mental health, physical health conditions, a loss, bereavement, toxic family or friends. Feel free to jump in on this thread. i'm using it to share a few words of wisdom with you that can mostly apply to anything you might be going through. I hope they'll give someone the comfort they need in future and / or will inspire you to view your situation through a new scope, that I might be able to highlight something you haven't yet acknowledged or just to help comfort.

I feel like this can be good. We have a quotes thread but they relate to life in general.

If you walked up to a person a bench who looked sad or lonely, what would you say to them?

Share it below. After all we do not know what anyone we meet is going through and you have the power to raise them up regardless

What would you say, or what is your higher self telling you, that could help someone else?


I'll start.

''Others may have experienced what you have but that does not mean your own feelings and needs don't matter. Experiences are unique, pain is unique. What one person can tolerate another can't. Don't let the fact that others recovered quickly invalidate your own feelings. Your feelings matter and you matter.''

Kind words from survivors Jl2e89

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