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How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience? 5nvklj

How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience? 9tpt39


How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience?


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How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience? Empty How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience?

Post by Cloud Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:38 am

New topic for discussion:

I'm wanting to hear from any of you who have had an outer body experience?
Induced or not, it doesn't matter  :P

I am interested to hear, what was happening before you had the experience. sleeping, surgery, an accident, stress, etc.

Do you remember looking back at yourself, your physical self?

Anything else you care to share?

I have had a few myself, not induced. as such . One happened when I had anaphylaxis and the others were either whilst asleep or whilst falling asleep. I will share mine later but wanted to put this up here.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts :idea:


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How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience? Empty Re: How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience?

Post by Guest Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:37 am

Just an astral dream, but I'm not so sure if that counts? I was asleep for it but it related back to someone who was laying in the alleyway who had fainted and was out cold, no repsonsive-ness from him, but I wanted to help him only at the time my ex wouldn't let me stop, so I astralled in a dream with my guide back to the person and helped him get the help he needed- we ended up going to the healing plane together and he was told it was not his time to pass yet, so was meant to go back the way he came.

I came back and visited the alley again in the real world and knew that help had been gotten, or he'd found his own way back. I received confirmation of this in a message from the man, said his name was Jake at the time. He did receive the much needed help so when I wasn't back in the alley, he wasn't there. I knew he'd received the helping hand because in the astral dream, someone had come along and I wasn't meant to be there to stay and help him further. It was my time to return to wake up! This happened in Cambridge.

Not sure if that's the same thing as an OBE, but also, my grandfather had an obe before he passed, came back to the world of living and told my parents about it. I have heard from him, he's happy in spirit where he is.


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How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience? Empty Re: How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience?

Post by YehaNoha Fri Feb 02, 2018 2:38 am

I have had two experiences that I can think of off hand. The first one happened when I was either pre teen, or just when I became a teen. I remember going to bed and closing my eyes. As I drifted off to sleep, which I don't think I was drifting off to sleep... just had my eyes closed while waiting to fall asleep, I felt myself lift off the bed, rising towards the unfinished ceiling in my bedroom. At the time, my bedroom was in the basement... The closer I rose to the beams above me, and starting to go through them, almost to the upstairs bedroom... I remember thinking this was cool... and then feeling scared when I realized this shouldn't be happening, this isn't right...and with that one thought, I dropped... straight back onto my bed... That never happened again like that, although I did want it to happen again, just wouldn't be as scared the next time... I am still waiting. Lol.

The second time this was definitely an out of body experience. This happened just a few years back... think it was 2001 when it happened. Yes it was induced, but not of my doing nor knowledge there of. I remember sitting on the couch with my husband(wuzband now), we were sitting side by side, our thighs touching. I knew I wasn't right, but had no idea what was happening. My husband(wuzband) asked me a question... I started to answer him, got half way through and lost my train of thought. So I asked him what he had asked... I started to answer him again, and in the same spot as last time, lost my train of thought again. I could not understand what was happening to me... but I kind of blew it off and said forget it. Next thing I know, I am floating above near the ceiling, and looking down at myself sitting on the couch next to my husband(wuzband)... next thing I know, I am back in my body, looking down a dark tunnel, and all you can see is a bright white light at the end of it... totally freaked me out... with that I asked my husband(wuzband) to take me to the hospital as something was definitely not right. As it was, according to the doc, I was going through withdrawls from some kind of drug, and that I was through the worst part of it, and nothing he could do for me. Hind sight... I should have asked him to do a tox screen. That way, I would have known what my husband(wuzband) and his friend had been giving me without my knowledge...

Let me know what you think about these...


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How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience? Empty Re: How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience?

Post by Purplemoon86 Tue Feb 20, 2018 1:35 pm

I have had this happen once in my early 20s, the day before, i was very stressed, when i did eventually go into a light sleep that night, my head was hurting, ( like my mind couldn't switch off ) all i really remember is, seeing me looking down at my self sleeping, i could not move or do anything i felt Paralyzed, i felt trapped....
at the time it did frighten me as didn't know much about outer body experience

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How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience? Empty Re: How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience?

Post by unknownstuff Thu Feb 04, 2021 12:23 pm

I've had quite a few! Starting from when I was 14 I had spontaneous OBE's - first just looking at myself and at the same time wondering who it was that I was looking at. I didn't recognise myself after I had the experience but understood it was me a few weeks later, as I was looking off into the distance at the wall my awareness was observing myself from in the experience.
After that I got to see very specific things in my future - events that only happened once in my life and I saw unfold second to second without any sense of free will in the moment itself. One where I was on my bike riding home from a birthday of a friend I never visited before. It was a summer evening and I was lost on my way home, asked two Polish strangers the way, got yelled at, looked around at a church and its sign, saw exactly that, and kept on riding. It came to pass about a month later in real life.

I've had many experiences like that, one of seeing my first boyfriend and his dad before we even met and being in a huge supermarket I'd never been to before that. I stepped in, walked up to the escalator and looked at some very specific purple TY toys on my way up. It happened half a year later around Christmas - exactly as I experienced it before during the OBE. It was an experience I had as if I would have been 'in' my physical body, so I guess you could call some of them precognitive dreams. However, most have been experienced from a third person's perspective - me looking at the scene from the ceiling or above my physical self.

Lately, I've had OBE's about future events from a third person's perspective and telepathic thoughts added. Before them, nearly all OBE's were "silent" - they contained no more info then the visual scene. Now, however, I get messages like "from now on, everything will be alright" (during a scene where my ex-boyfriend was having a very serious conversation with be, being very angry about something and in hindsight breaking up with me then).

Another example is me typing at a desk in a dark office in a very specific environment I didn't recognise at all. I had asked "higher me" for advice on my career opportunities in a very desperate moment and fell asleep short after. So I saw myself typing and was floating above the scene as the observer (no body, just consciousness) and really *telling myself off* because I was wasting my talent there! Asking myself what I thought I was doing. I didn't take it seriously afterward and ended up in the place of the OBE but realising it later on (after 2 years). At that point, I was sent to the exact desk of the OBE and had been depressed and very stressed for a few weeks. I realized I needed to take the message of the OBE seriously and quit the job. I'm now doing something with the "talent" higher-me claimed I have: I'm at art school, studying to become an illustrator. I've been making "art" since I was 4 years old (ha-ha) and I'm serious about it now (28).

I KNOW there is such a thing as a part of you that has the overview of your life. And I KNOW there are energies to help you on your way. The only thing I really want to know now is how I can connect with those things consciously! So I'm here to develop my psychic abilities as well.

One last thing I'd like to add is I get very clear warnings as OBE's/ precognitive dreams that don't get experienced as well. One where I was pregnant and doing the dishes at my parents house, complaining. I promised myself to keep my eye on birth control then and intended to not be pregnant at all - it wasn't what I wanted. Another where I was staring out of a window of an empty house crying, looking at the railway on the other side of the road. I was at that point looking into buying a house with my first boyfriend but felt bad about it - we drove past the neighbourhood of the house of my precognitive dream/ OBE and knew it was that neighbourhood. I'd never been there before and do not live anywhere near any kind of rails nor have I ever.
It seems that when you are in the moment, you can't change what happens. Your "free will" in the moment is completely aligned with "fate" of the moment. However, you seem to be able to make a choice of whether you want to experience something or not before you get there.

I'm completely honest about all of this, really. It's very interesting to read everyone's stories on the subject so I hope more people will post and I'd love to answer questions if there are any.

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How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience? Empty Re: How many of you have had an Outer Body Experience?

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