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Dear Starseeds

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Dear Starseeds Empty Dear Starseeds

Post by Cloud Sat Aug 08, 2020 7:02 am

I notice a lot of starseeds will struggle with depression and feelings of not belonging, wanting to go home

I want to tell you it will get better and remind you that we are here to let nature take it's course. Everything that happens to us will come naturally. You came here because you have the strength within you to finish your time here, even if it doesn't feel like it, you can do it

A lot of you are sensitive to energy and I think mastering how to protect yourself and read others energy will help you to avoid making friends with toxic people or entering a toxic workplace or something similar

If it feels wrong, don't go/ don't meet them/ don't sign up. Read the energies and pay attention to what you are feeling. If it's persistent and is nagging you then it's probably true and you are better off trusting that feeling you have rather than taking a risk and finding out the hard way, that you were right

Reach out for help when you need to. Although you are a natural care-giver to people, animals, and the planet, you must remember that you are also a person with needs and without looking after yourself, you can't look after and help others (which may be your main reason for incarnating at this time)

Take care of you, then you can take care of them

Choose your group wisely because you will feel so much better for it

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Quality over quantity.✌️

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