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Break-Ups: What Children can remind us...  5nvklj

Break-Ups: What Children can remind us...  9tpt39


Break-Ups: What Children can remind us...

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Break-Ups: What Children can remind us...  Empty Break-Ups: What Children can remind us...

Post by Cloud9 Fri Jul 03, 2020 2:03 am

Within all of us is an inner-child

.. I was talking to someone recently who had broken up with a woman who he absolutely adores.
One partner cheated, the other found out... everything was lost. The wedding cancelled, the kids cut off, both partnes stone-walling each other, but hurting

I explained it like this , along with this picture...
This is a piece of art by Burning Man...

Break-Ups: What Children can remind us...  I0WDUDf

If you've had a break up, or you are struggling to forgive anybody in your life, remember that sometimes ..

Fear leads to denial
Denial leads to fear.....
Accusatons lead to denial....
Being caught leads to fear..
Fear leads to hiding and secrecy
Secrecy kills trust
And trust is the most important thing 2 people in a relationship of any kind can share. Don't mess with someone's trust!...
..... Just like a child who has been told off.. adults will also feel the instinct to run if someone points out things they have done wrong. It may sound funny, but it's true. If you stop and look at how many times after a break up two people will cut off forever and both walk away hurt... it's because we become stubborn, we tend not to talk and show we are sorry , equally we tend not to forgive.
Until we learn to be honest with each other, admit to wrongdoings, and realize that we may have played a part in how a friendship or relationship has broken down, not much will change..

You can still be sorry whilst allowing yourself to feel angry
You can still forgive whilst grieving what was lost or what happened between you both
You can still work on things in a peaceful way.

(I understand that some things are not forgivable.. this is mainly about the small fall-outs over trivial things).

You can still talk to one another in a calm manner with respect for each other
You can still work out how things will be dealt with without adding more fuel / blame/rage
You can work it out without needing to include other people including children involved

Just be open and communicate your needs
from the heart. Your inner child communicates from their heart. There's no blame, no judgement. Just understanding and a want for calm, peace, and love.

Break-Ups: What Children can remind us...  Jl2e89

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