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Post by Nativelynn Sat May 16, 2020 12:06 am

Just wanted to write and talk a little about health and wellness.

When your stressed and overwhelmed at this pandemic or just about life in general it make everything in your body go hay wire. Anything in the body, mind and spirit can go haywire when you are overwhelmed.

There are things you can do to keep your body, mind and spirit naturally. Eating healthy things like fruits, vegetables, meats like chicken, fish. All natural snacks made from natural ingredients with no preservatives or things that are put in them. Taking vitamins to relieve pain or even vitamins that boost your immune system which helps fight things that may come your way like covid-19.

Keeping your body healthy also means keeping what you taste, smell and put on your skin as natural as you can get. The things you clean your house with can be harmful even to breath them in. Cleaning your house and keeping your children safe is important.

This is why I am a member of a shopping club that offers all natural essential products you use everyday. Things like:

Shampoos - I have used to different kinds of the shampoos and both clean my hair and does not cause my scalp to itch, and trust me I don''t that with almost all shampoo's I have tried in the past.

Hand Soap - I have tried this as well. They do not dry out my hands and smell really good. All you need is a dime size amount to use.

Laundry Soap - I've used this as well. This soap gets your clothes clean and your socks white and it leaves a fresh smell.

They have tooth paste, deodorant, mints, gum, snacks like: popcorn, granola, granola bars, protein powders.

This club has over 500 products for you to buy that are all natural including essential oils. Which I have used Lavender in my bath and let me tell you it works. It eased a lot of my pain.

So as you can see this shopping club offers a lot of things to use for every part. Also includes a cleaning product that is all natural which will kills 99.9% of all bacteria and virus including covid-19. I have this as well and used it on the floor next to the litter box where a mess was made and i used it and it took the smell away.

I would recommend this club to anyone who wants to try it.

Thanks for reading!!!

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