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Derek Acorah passed away 5nvklj

Derek Acorah passed away 9tpt39


Derek Acorah passed away

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Derek Acorah passed away Empty Derek Acorah passed away

Post by Cloud Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:53 am

I'm not sure if any of our American members will know of him, but UK famous psychic medium, Derek Acorah mainly known for his appearances on the show 'Most Haunted' has passed away after a short illness

Hope he rests peacefully and i'm sure he's met with his friends in the light

It's sad how we are losing so many of the good mediums. There was another one who died in the past couple of years, Colin Fry I think his name was. He was really great. Anyway, it got me thinking that they must have passed in peace knowing there was something else on the other side. Hopefully their families will be at rest through their pain, knowing that their loved one would've met with family and friends immediately.

Bottom line, RIP to him, he was ok even if people mocked him for talking out loud to his spirit guide or labelled him a fake. Coming out in the open on national TV must have been hard for all of them, considering most people are skeptics. He did good IMO.

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