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Shadow people

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Shadow people Empty Shadow people

Post by JerseyBoi Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:34 am

Ever since me and my family came back from a trip when I was 14, I been seeing a shadow man. The first time I had ever seen him was in the shadow of the hotel conjoined door. Even my other 3 siblings had seen him but written it off as a trick of the outside light that was manging to shine in from the hoel curtians. Over the years I've been able to still see him. Sometimes out the corner of my eyes or the shadows of certian doorways. However recently due to a death in the family, I moved into my parents old room while my mother went downstairs. This allowed my baby brother to move into my old room.One day out of the blue, He had asked me about seeing a shadow of a man ever before. I told him my experience with the shadow man. I told him that the shadow man really didnt bother me. However there is something that scares me a bit. I had noticed a three years ago another shadow person in our house and it seems she likes scares me. There were times when I went to the bathroom and I would notice her watching me walk by. What scared me most is when there were times i went down stairs at night to get somethings for my parents; and whenever I was going back up the stairs, it would feel like I was being chase.
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dream jo
dream jo
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Shadow people Empty Re: Shadow people

Post by dream jo Thu Nov 07, 2019 10:22 pm

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me my unlcee hav evn bth sean a ladyy i wihite on 2nd landin of housee we did
i thng th lady mustt of livdd hear in victronn dayss she did coz wz bildd in 1888

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Shadow people Empty Re: Shadow people

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