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Reading or insights on telepathy


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Reading or insights on telepathy Empty Reading or insights on telepathy

Post by debug11 Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:28 pm

A year ago I woke up feeling intense pain from someone random, felt like the person went through a breakup or something to do with strong emotional pain. I had no clue who it was but I felt sad for this person so I sent them some healing energy I also visited their aura and I picked up on some things like it is a man and also he is likely to be into arts and/or something to do with technical things, I saw a carousel. Couple of times this same energy seems to connect with me telepathically, i am unsure whether he is consciously doing this or unconsciously. So forward to the present day, I wake up yesterday and I can't stop thinking about this energy it's like being drawn to me, like telepathy. I tried to clear my mind but nothing helps. I am wondering if you can help, who is he and what does he want? Please note I have never met this person or if i did i haven't spoke to him else I would know already through interaction who he is and what he wants. My best description of him is what I saw in his energy.
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Reading or insights on telepathy Empty Re: Reading or insights on telepathy

Post by Cloud Sun May 12, 2019 11:18 pm

Hello Debug

Welcome to Mystic-sisterhood, it's great to have you join us

Very interesting.. a lot of people mention being able to pick up on energy and pain of others though yes, most times it's easy to pinpoint who that person is. It could be on purpose, if this is someone living but you mentioned that you have no idea who it is. It could be spirit giving you impressions however that would also be unusual as unless you are a practising medium it's unlikely a spirit person would keep giving you /sending you energy so you could feel and see all of this.....

Is there any male in your life who could fit the description such as the pain?.. anybody in your family or friend circle who is sick?

I would recommend clearing your energy and that of your home if this keeps happening.... are you a healer by any chance (practising reiki or something similar) ?

I thought I would ask because I know sometimes those who practise healing (whether in person or distance healing) ... they can sometimes still feel the connection to that person they've sent healing to if they don't close off properly and clear their energy and that of their space... I've done it before myself, and was picking up on (person) for days until I figured it out.

It's not uncommon to see them or feel this in dreams, whether it's a person who is alive or who is passed...

I always say, if we've tried to figure out who it is and why and have gotten nowhere after exploring it in depth, we probably wont find out who it is or why, but we do have the ability to close off from (them) and clear our space, and this is something I would try next

It wont hurt you to say a prayer for this person, in the chance that it is spirit, and asking them to leave your space and energy.. it wont harm to do this. Whenever I've picked up on a living person's pains and troubles it's usually because I can help in some way or am being called to help them... however, it's definitely possible you could be picking up on someone who's unknown.. it happens a lot until we can learn to become familiar with who we are opening up to, or where, and so on. I see our intuitive-feelings are like radio frequencies. Until we fine tune the radio station, we'll pick up on white noise. The same goes for psychics and healers... sometimes we will pick up on things we don't want to or don't intend to, it's normal, however yes definitely , you should clear your space, your aura, perhaps smudging your home will help too (provided the smoke wont irritate you in any way)

:hug: Hope this helps


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