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Any comments?

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Any comments? - Page 2 Empty Re: Any comments?

Post by Cloud Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:06 pm

Hugs Renaud hug3 hug3

It's tough when you feel so stuck in your life, it can be hard to know what the right way forward is, it can be tough to know what the right thing is to do

Sometimes we know the best way forward but it's the most terrifying option of them all. I think when we are dealing with so much on our plate we need to prioritize what is the most important thing

To prioritize what is most important to be dealt with now, and what else can wait a little bit longer. Personally I ask myself what is the most stressful thing right now that is keeping me awake.. so you could ask the same to yourself... is it your job? ... whatever is the most stressful thing getting you down needs addressing as soon as possible

As soon as the main stressors are removed, we find it easier to deal with the other little problems we have. So if it is your job , if you found a job that is less stressful then you'd be more relaxed and would be able to focus on your family and love life.

I understand you feel that you have obligations and a need to look after your parents,, that must be tricky if your current job is weighing you down and stressing you out a lot

Do you have any good friends in your life who you can confide in, who you feel will understand you?

Sometimes I also ask myself, what would I say if I was talking to a friend who was in my situation?


I'm so sorry you haven't slept for two nights. Do you feel that you may need to talk to someone about your stress or anxiety?
there's a website you can talk to someone , a trained listener online. They are good to vent to. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ... they have trained volunteers who are willing to listen to you, you can talk about anything you like. It's like a helpline, but just an online chat based one , so no need to talk on the phone. They can be helpful. They don't give advice but talking about your problems will help you to explore your options... of course there's always psychic readings but it's also about how you feel.

What's going to make you stress less... what's going to be productive for you in the long run?

I always remind myself when dealing with bigger issues and decisions that, life is really short, our peace of mind and happiness is important. Put yourself first for a moment , and think to yourself, what is it that you need right now?

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Any comments? - Page 2 Empty Re: Any comments?

Post by Renaud Tue Apr 09, 2019 8:03 pm

I hope I can pm you 😅

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