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If anyone connects, please read my story! 5nvklj

If anyone connects, please read my story! 9tpt39


If anyone connects, please read my story!


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If anyone connects, please read my story! Empty If anyone connects, please read my story!

Post by ThoughtsInIntervals Tue Jan 01, 2019 5:13 pm

Hi guys, I don’t know if anyone will even pick up on me and this little story. I have been on here before and I am aware of a little boy named Ethan who’s friendly and has been with me since I was very young. He’s lovely and I am used to his presence.

I come really about something else. We have had new activity and I really don’t feel like it’s him - if it is he is getting far stronger.

We moved into a new flat in May 2018. The previous tenants have said nothing about seeing or hearing anything but they were keen to move down the road, even though they had no reason to.

We had some family over and my partners sister was staying in our living room. We have both been aware of noises and movement in other rooms, but never when someone has been in the room. My partner has heard whispering in her ear specifically in our spare room.

When her sister was in there we all heard a thud, very loud but I just assumed it was her pottering about getting ready for bed. The next morning my glass sculpture of a cat had fallen 2 metres away from where it was on the shelf. It would have fallen on the TV and it definitely would have smashed but it didn’t. It was just sat there, on the floor.

When I realised it might be paranormal I politely asked whatever it was to not move things, especially in that room because she didn’t want to sleep in here and was scared. I burned recommended essential oils and gave her some crystals to comfort her. It worked and there was no further activity.

Since then we have heard and felt something there and I was wondering if anyone could help me to work out if Ethan is just playing (which he used to do when I was small) or if it is something attached to the flat. As long as it’s friendly it can stay. I just want to make sure, you know? We babysit my cousins in the flat and I don’t want anything to take advantage of the young children or my kitten.

Tarryn xxx

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