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Asking the universe

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Asking  the universe  Empty Re: Asking the universe

Post by Cloud Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:32 am

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That's great

I believe it could be possible, in fact have no doubt about it.... I believe we're somehow able to sense how others are feeling from afar (even countries away) if you have a deep strong connection to these people I believe that we can be in tune and sometimes I think we can sense them thinking of us, or they can sense us, thinking of them

It's common to see someone in your mind or be thinking of them often out of the blue if they are waiting to hear from you or trying to contact you... Sounds good and is worth trying. The paranormal is great..... like Dragon here says, there's nothing abnormal about it, it's just everything which science can't explain. I believe we have intuition and senses we're unaware of - maybe you could call it telepathy, you could say it's just an inner knowing, intuition... or maybe the Universe really did hear your wishes and it worked after all

Either way keep at it.. if this keeps working for you that'd be amazing

I had this a few days ago, I was clearing up and I had a random vision of a lady I haven't seen in around nine years.. it had been so long I almost forgot what she looked like but the very next day I bumped into her and she was surprised I still remembered her name. I was about to say ''Hi.. Actually I was thinking about you yesterday'' but that would have been a bit strange haha.. joys of being psychic...

I'm glad it worked. hugs

Asking  the universe  Jl2e89

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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

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Asking  the universe  Empty Re: Asking the universe

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