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SETI picks up 72 signals from distant galaxy  5nvklj

SETI picks up 72 signals from distant galaxy  9tpt39


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SETI picks up 72 signals from distant galaxy

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SETI picks up 72 signals from distant galaxy  Empty SETI picks up 72 signals from distant galaxy

Post by Saturn Tue Nov 20, 2018 8:39 pm

Astronomers discovered the signals after analyzing 400 terabytes of radio data using an artificial intelligence.
Known as fast radio bursts - the signals are powerful bursts of radio waves that, despite lasting mere milliseconds, generate as much energy as the Sun does in an entire day.

Their galaxy of origin, FRB 121102, is approximately 3 billion light years from Earth.

Some scientists have suggested that these mysterious bursts are produced when two neutron stars collide, while others maintain that young, rapidly rotating neutron stars are to blame.

It has even been suggested that some form of advanced alien technology could be responsible.

The discovery of these latest bursts, which was achieved by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, involved training a special AI algorithm to replicate the manual processes traditionally used by scientists to detect the phenomenon.

"These results hint that there could be vast numbers of additional signals that our current algorithms are missing and clearly demonstrate the power of applying modern data analytics and AI tools to astronomical research," said SETI Institute President and CEO Bill Diamond.

"Applying these techniques in the search for evidence of ET technologies, or technosignatures, is incredibly compelling, together with addressing the tantalizing phenomena of FRBs."

Source: Sky News
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