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7 Cups... Someone to talk to.

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7 Cups... Someone to talk to. Empty 7 Cups... Someone to talk to.

Post by Cloud Fri Nov 16, 2018 6:23 am

There's a website called 7Cups, it's a place where you can connect and talk to volunteer trained listeners
I used to volunteer here and it's not too bad. It really depends on the person you are connected to.. I've gone back a few times to test it out and there have been some who are not great to talk to but then there are others who will talk for ages on anything bothering you. I know that there are long waiting lists for therapy , in the UK and beyond so think things like these are great considering you don't have to wait, or pay anything. They are not all trained counsellors, some are trainee psychologists or trainee counsellors, or just people with lots of life experience with things like depression, addictions, bereavements and things like this.

There's also an option for paid therapy online, worth looking into if you are looking for more intensive support.


7 Cups... Someone to talk to. Jl2e89

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