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Alien Abduction case stories 2018 9tpt39


Alien Abduction case stories 2018

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Alien Abduction case stories 2018 Empty Alien Abduction case stories 2018

Post by Cloud Sat Oct 20, 2018 4:44 pm

Uploaded to YouTube by 2ndEarth

Source / Channel

''Alien abductions is perhaps one of the most taboo UFO topics in Ufology. The touchy and sensitive nature of alien abductions doesn’t make it any less real, or any less possible. The truth is that when you look deep into the research of UFOs as a general topic, alien abductions is as real as the UFOs themselves, and perhaps the planes that fly above us. In other words, it’s nearly impossible in the Extra Terrestrial search to ignore alien abductions while submitting to the concepts of UFOs flying secretly above us while our Governments keep everything TOP SECRET. This 2ndEarth Alt. Episode is unique in the sense that we have compiled the case studies of four different alien abductees, all unbeknownst to on another.

In looking at these alien origin stories, I attempt to bring up similarities in the accounts, while attempting to answer one of the most difficult questions to answer for UFO and ET researchers: What is the Alien Agenda? Similarities includes, orbs, UFOs, mysterious planes, MIB, seeing Gray Aliens, thinking that the Grays are actually more white colored, moving crafts (UAVs) with their minds, seeing strange mysterious planes in the skies, having high-fidelity projections, being sensitive to the emotions of others, having painful procedures (sometimes sexually oriented), Having injections from the Aliens to feel better at certain points in the day, strange scars in similar locations, etc… Yes, Alien implants is another interesting commonality with their accounts. Some of these abductees have even talked to individuals like Bud Hopkins, as well as organizations like Mufon.''

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