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Saturn's thread

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Post by Saturn Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:45 am

This one was inspired by domestic violence awareness, since October is coming up.
Rise up
She wanted somebody to be there, was that too much to ask?
Now she's broken, her heart crumbled like a thousand fractals of glass
she was hoping, and all she ever wanted was to feel loved,
but everything she did it could never be enough.

She's falling into the abyss where only Angels dwell
She hoped all those who'd hurt her would feel this very same obsolete hell
Another wing snapped broken, Angels bound by pain , fear, control and lies
Whilst all those who dwell there pray for mercy to the skies.

As hearts shatter within and tears cloud over their eyes
She knew within she had a choice, rise up , speak out, or face her own demise.

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