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Society's judgement ..a Poem 5nvklj

Society's judgement ..a Poem 9tpt39


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Society's judgement ..a Poem


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Society's judgement ..a Poem Empty Society's judgement ..a Poem

Post by Yew_Fairy Wed Sep 26, 2018 11:20 am

The Peaceful one, she's angry sometimes
The quiet one has a lot to say,
The lonely one may be choosing to keep drama  (and people) out of her way.
The picky one has been through enough,
The prickly one has too,

The one who seems like an oddball decided to give up society's rules,

The one who works too much is trying, she's a single parent  trying to pay her childs fees,
the one with no children perhaps didn't want any, wanted to travel and be free,

The one who's drinking too much could possibly be an ex-vet or dealt with a life time of abuse
The one who seems crazy may have decided in her life, there's nothing left to lose.

The one who never leaves the house may not be very well.
That goes for young and old, the strong and frail, as well.

The one who's abrupt simply had enough of being pushed around,
The single parent who always declines invites is ever so tired, she barely has energy to leave the house.

The one who divorced after 30 years we can justify has had enough
The two females or males in a relationship are simply in love

The one who's old with the one who's young, they may be close soul -mates
and the one who's lonely may not be a creep, they may be dealing with anxiety all day.

The one who never says hello , for all we know could be in anguish
the one who looks just fine when she says she is ill, might have an invisible illness.

The one who keeps having children after the other might have lost one or two in the past
The one who is always dirty might have no family and struggle getting baths.
The one who talks to herself, maybe she never was heard
The one who has let herself go may not have any confidence or self-worth,

The one who is young at heart decided that age is just a number
The one who never sleeps decided that society can be a bugger.

So before you judge someone else, next time, step back and take a leaf out of their book,
sometimes things are not as they seem, not always the way they may look.

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Society's judgement ..a Poem Empty Re: Society's judgement ..a Poem

Post by astraldreamer Wed Sep 26, 2018 3:25 pm

this is lovely :)

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