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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Self Help Tips

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Self Help Tips Empty Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Self Help Tips

Post by Cloud9 Tue Jan 30, 2018 1:57 pm

Hi everyone....

A few years ago (2012 to be precise) I was diagnosed with CFS/ME aka Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
I was sleeping so much and no sleep was refreshing. I would wake up feeling more exhausted than I did when I went to bed, and even 12-13-14-16 hours sleep was not enough. (Yep, you read that right)
It's a condition that has been baffling drs for years now.. as there isn't really a wide range understanding of what causes M.E.

It has in the past been linked to inflammation, autoimmune diseases, viruses, post viral syndromes, depression and deficiencies .. you name it. they first thought it was linked to Swine Flu which I contracted but to this day we will never know.

They couldn't get to the bottom of it and with me being tired of living this way, I decided to venture and I spent hours researching how to help myself. Aside from basic ''sleep hygiene'' (TV out of bedroom, making sure you keep a regular routine,, no caffeine after 5pm)
I found a few articles and posts on other forums.. here is what really did give me positive results.

I have been lucky here as I was (this) close to being sent to a sleep specialist and looking into stimulants, which I really wanted to avoid.

Vitamin D3
I recommend getting your vitamin d levels checked. We think we get enough in our diet, but truth is we don't. one of our main sources of Vit D3 is in natural sunlight, but even then.. the requirement is around 45 mins per day of direct sunlight, exposed to at least 50% of our bodies. Now if you live in the UK like I do, or somewhere else slightly colder... you'll see how this can be a struggle. Impossible even. So chances are if you do , your vitamin d3 levels will be low

I saw rheumatologists and endocrinologists and they all told me that so many people in the UK are deficient and don't know it. Purely because we don't have much sun here - on top of that, without getting it in our diets ... we're becoming sick.
So see If you can get those checked. They can be checked with a simple blood test but if insurance doesn't cover this, you are safe supplementing with Vit D3 anyway. Just make sure you don't exceed recommended dosages.

It turned out mine was low, and I had to take 40,000 IU twice a week for around 8 weeks to get them back to normal. pretty bad... but I saw results.
If taking vitamin d3 it's advised to take with calcium to help absorption

Not entirely cured yet.. but adding on to this....

Vitamin b complex....
its helpful for any who are tired, vitamin b complex helps us to get the most out of what we are eating.. it works quite fast in the sense, you can see results from taking it a few days, rather than needing to wait weeks...
Vitamin b6 and b12 are the best, but you can take a combined form 'vitamin b complex'.

Checking for food intolerances

I highly recommend keeping a food diary to see if anything triggers your exhaustion/fatigue .. by that I mean exposure to foods or chemicals...
I later found out carbs were really making me feel ill, and later that gluten/wheat were doing the same. Causing inflammation... in turn.. it can cause the immune system to go haywire, making you feel ill in the process.
Since cutting out carbs, gluten/wheat I noticed a huge difference.. look out for what you are doing on days you feel worse...


When we are under stress  (physical, emotional) our bodies release stress hormones including cortisol
In short, cortisol can cause havoc for your body, it's linked with your adrenals, the endocrine system including your pituitary and the thyroid. Stress in your life needs to be reduced as much as possible

Fish oils
This is the best of them all, after taking cod liver oil for 2 weeks I noticed huge difference. Sleeping better, refreshed sleep, not feeling cloudy, feeling quite alert and generally alright. It's worth looking into

Other toxins
.. have to add this but try and avoid things such as artificial sweetners, they are awful for the body and out of sweetner and sugar, I still believe you are much better having white/cane sugar than you are aspartame (chemical sweetner).. it's been proven that it has so many toxic effects on the body, It's worth looking into.

I haven't included dosages here of what I took/take as I feel its best to follow general recommendations on the packets/boxes. I never exceed those, I just make sure I keep up with them.

Hope this helps someone in future....


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