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In need of a reading!**:) 5nvklj

In need of a reading!**:) 9tpt39


In need of a reading!**:)

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In need of a reading!**:) Empty In need of a reading!**:)

Post by Ajoyfoster99 Wed Aug 29, 2018 4:48 am

I'm in need of a reading. Possibly a photo reading. My life is in turmoil and transition. Guidance is much needed from a more spiritual realm. I'm working with a lot of great people to help me in other aspects, but all the best practical advice I find some times can steer me in the wrong direction if i don't also tap into the knowledge sent from a greater existence. I've been working on acknowledging and deciphering my own dreams, but trauma has clouded my abilities. I am willing to submit a photo for anyone that may be drawn to do a reading for me. It was a short n sweet reading from an old friend that helped me get to safety. I know sometimes the fewest of words mean a world of a difference.

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