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Not sure if this is the right place


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Not sure if this is the right place Empty Not sure if this is the right place

Post by Confusedsould Sat Aug 18, 2018 11:18 pm

Hi, so i have been debating whether to post this online or not but figured i would give it a shot as i can't make heads or toes of what is going on in my life.

So i will go back to the beginning of when the weird stuff started happening and then go from there. So to begin with i had a motorcycle, one day i found out the insurance on the bike had ran out but still decided to take it out one night when the road were quiet, on my way back i was hit by a car. This may not sound weird but i lived in the middle of nowhere and behind that car was another car with four people in who just happened to be going to the house next door, now considering i lived along side another house in the middle of nowhere, this was part one of the weirdness and part two was in the on coming traffic lane just happened to be a street sweeper van who could sweep up the parts and get the road clean again i mean does seem a little coincidental especially as it just happened on the day my insurance ran out and whats funny is it does sound like a set up but i promise you it was not.

Second freaky part is when the new evil dead movie came out and i wanted to watch the originals, i was pestering this guy at work for it but he had lent it to someone else so had to wait. Now considering i lived in a house that had two acre what i am about to say is creepy. One day i went down to the bottom of the garden, three days after i've been pestering a guy at work for movies, and happened to find on top of a pile of leaves etc the original evil dead movie in a clear plastic sleeve which freaked me out considering i had never seen that film around and happened to be the one film i'd wanted to see.

Part 3 is a similar set up, i wanted to watch the whole complete seasons of supernatural and one day met a girl, started dating, who happened to have the whole boxset of them all so i could catch up on it all.

These are just some of the things i have dealt with but constantly get regular severe dejavous on top of that i get these feeling then within a week they happen i.e i had a feeling that i was going to speak to my boss about handing my notice in then a week later i get offered a new job and have that conversation, even though when i had it i was not looking.

i'm trying to make sense of it all, what's going on with me and what is happening but i can't so i'm hoping someone on here can help. Whenever i sit and meditate or try different things i get constant shivers up my spine and not in a fearful way but almost like i can feel energy surging from there that goes along my body and this is several times a day or on command. Anyone got any ideas on what is up with me and how i can control it or do something because im lost.

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Not sure if this is the right place Empty Re: Not sure if this is the right place

Post by Cloud Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:21 pm

Hi there

Welcome to mystic sisterhood
That's very interesting all you mention. So sorry to hear about the accident , did you come away unharmed?

Not very lucky especially with the insurance running out

Coincidences can be very strange that's for sure. There could be a few reasons for it , I do believe the universe is always listening and what we think about or believe attracts that same energy to us...
Thought --> Energy----> Events

What do you think about that?

As for feeling the shiver up your spine when you meditate that can definitely happen especially if you are new to it. I wouldn't worry too much, it could just be you are feeling energy, it could be that your guides are close to you and you can sense it

I wouldn't say it's anything bad. If you are ever feeling like you are in need of extra spiritual protection call upon Archangel Michael
:archangel: He is the protector

Remember to shield yourself as well

Have you ever looked up 'The Law of Attraction?

That's something worth looking into. The idea that we create our lives and can attract thing to us, just by thinking about them and holding intentions for them to happen.. to believe = to receive

I wouldn't say it explains your situations above you shared but I do think that thoughts are very powerful

Feel free to jjoin us in chat


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