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Self Care, Embracing yourself, Self-Acceptance 5nvklj

Self Care, Embracing yourself, Self-Acceptance 9tpt39


Self Care, Embracing yourself, Self-Acceptance

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Self Care, Embracing yourself, Self-Acceptance Empty Self Care, Embracing yourself, Self-Acceptance

Post by Cloud Sat Jul 28, 2018 6:39 am

There's one thing that makes me genuinely happy and that is to see someone embracing who they are
fully, without a worry for how people will judge them

(Erase the mental images of rebel punks with green hair) i'm joking. Being yourself, what does it mean?

It's not just about appearance, it's you, your whole self, acceptance of all you are, scars and all

In the end, it wont matter whether you had 40 tattoos and 20 piercings
It wont matter if you were gay and people fell out with you over it
It wont matter if you started university age 50 or dropped out at 18 to leave the country
it wont matter if you were over qualified and decided to stay, or were unemployed because you were genuinely unwell. It wont matter how many friends you have, but the quality of those you surrounded yourself with.
it wont matter who you stopped talking to completely for your own sanity,

What will matter is that you feel you lived a complete fulfilling life, if not the whole time, we hope at least a good chunk of it. Life throws things at us all the time but there's one thing we can do to help ourselves and that is embrace who you are, scars and all, flaws and all, spirituality, sexuality, hobbies, disabilities, letting go of comparison

Comparison will always make us feel inadequate. It doesn't matter how many times we compare ourselves to another we'll always find someone smarter, funnier, taller/shorter/slimmer, braver, stronger.... the way we all think about ourselves through infuences or not , we just strive to be better the whole time. It's not a bad thing to be competitive and strive for better but it does the moment you start letting it consume your thoughts every day, te moment you lose sleep or so much an ounce of your inner peace

Let people go if they don't accept you, and if you cant let them go , try compromising. Cut off and break away from those people as much as you can

Truth is you will always be yourself anyway, not accepting yourself, your true self, is just masking to the world and it's exhausting

There is no error in you. If you are not committing crimes and hurting innocents then you are not faulty, you are not imperfect, you are not ugly, fat, stupid, defined by what you have or don't have. We are born with nothing and leave with nothing physical. In the end all that matters is the peace and happiness of you and your loved ones.

Let yourself be yourself... if you are genuine and true to yourself you will start attracting the people who are in your 'tribe'.. the ones on your level who will love you wit no judgement. You will attract them because they too are doing the same, being themselves, embracing who they are.

If you put on a mask you'll only attract people who are looking for the mask

Dye your hair purple, start uni at 50, foster at 60, go travel, do what you want to, quit that job that's making you miserable and find something that makes you happy or someone

The clock is only ticking forwards, and you matter just as much as everyone else.

Self Care, Embracing yourself, Self-Acceptance Jl2e89

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