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Creating Gemstone Elixirs


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Creating Gemstone Elixirs Empty Creating Gemstone Elixirs

Post by Cloud Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:50 pm

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Gem Elixirs are really easy and exciting.

It is however extremely important for you to choose and use the correct crystals.

When you use crystals externally by either wearing or carrying them or doing a crystal healing session, should you experience any adverse effect from these crystals you would be able to remove them quickly and easily.
It is however very different when you take crystal gem elixirs.

Because they are taken internally, you will be subjected to their effects for however long it takes them to work out of your system the same way you would be affected when taking any other medication orally so checking for the toxicity of a crystal is vital.

Creating Gem Elixirs and using these highly versatile healing tools in your healing routine adds a very exciting and effective dimension to your abilities as a healer, your abilities with crystal healing will be greatly enhanced.

Here are some ideas for how to use them:
•Use orally - take at least three drops, twice a day - more if required,
•Drop under your tongue,
•Rub into your pulse points,
•Rub into your chakra points,
•Spray into your aura,
•Put in your bath water,
•Spray around a room.

Refill your dropper or spray bottle from the mother essence as required. Keep the stock bottle in a cool, dark place.

Take care!

When creating gem elixirs, only use sufficiently hard, non-water soluble, non-toxic stones. Members of the quartz family are ideal. If you are in doubt whether a stone belongs to the quartz family, check a mineralogical textbook.

Never use:

Realgar, Orpiment is arsenic, Stibnite, Galena, Copper which would include Azurite and Malachite or other compounds of Mercury, Arsenic or Lead and Cinnabar as it contains Mercury. See a more complete list of Potentially Toxic or Harmful Stones for Gem Elixirs, Gem Waters, Massage Oils, etc.

To Dilute Or Not Dilute?"

Reminder Gem ElixirsReminder

Remember to check for toxicity before deciding to make gem essences by the Direct Method. If in doubt use the Double Container Method.

All gem elixirs can be used either undiluted or diluted.

The term "diluting" may be somewhat confusing because adding water to the mother essence or stock does not reduce the quality or effectiveness of the elixir, a matter of opinion, trust you intuition and do what you feel is right for you.

Whether you use the elixirs diluted or undiluted is your choice.

Some people feel that you benefit best from the undiluted elixir for the first month and thereafter the elixir can be diluted.

My advice is to use your intuition and decide for yourself although it is my belief that less is more.

You can use muscle testing or a pendulum to help with evaluating the potential usefulness of gem elixirs as well as meditation and intuition.


Creating Gemstone Elixirs Jl2e89

Female Zodiac : Capricorn Posts : 4547
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Creating Gemstone Elixirs Empty Re: Creating Gemstone Elixirs

Post by Cloud Mon Jul 23, 2018 10:52 pm

"Creating Gem Elixirs - The Direct Method"

This method of creating gem elixirs should only be used for the Quartz crystal family and I would suggest using only polished stones. You should however always check the stones toxicity before using this method.

The Quartz family is non-toxic non-porous and they therefore are safe to immerse in water.

Gem Elixirs - Direct Method

1.You should have a calm and focused emotional state while making crystal essences because strong emotions can affect the elixir.

2.Cover a cleansed quartz crystal with spring, distilled or bottled water in a clear glass bowl and place in full sunlight for two to three hours.

3.It is important that you minimize direct physical contact with the crystals and water to prevent the crystal energy from absorbing your own energy and affecting the elixir.

4. Remove the stones with a spoon.

5.Pour the charged water, mother essence or stock, into a dark glass bottle, blue or brown works well.

6.Mix with an equal amount of pure vodka of at least 40% alcohol (US 80 proof) which will act as a preservative and also help to "fix" the vibration. Seal the bottle. Vinegar can be used as a substitute for the alcohol.

7.Carefully decant small amounts of the mother crystal essence into a smaller dark glass bottle with a dropper.

Another exciting way to make Gem elixirs is to use seashells, amber or petrified wood.

This would be using elements that would be classified as being organic of origin.

Creating Gemstone Elixirs Gem-elixir-direct-method

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