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Cutting off from toxic family members, guilt-free way 5nvklj

Cutting off from toxic family members, guilt-free way 9tpt39


Cutting off from toxic family members, guilt-free way

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Cutting off from toxic family members, guilt-free way Empty Cutting off from toxic family members, guilt-free way

Post by Cloud Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:21 am

This is something that comes up often.... I thought it would be a good topic to start off with for this forum as I know many can relate to it

Cutting off from toxic family members, without feeling guilty

There is so much guilt around letting go of some people in our lives, sometimes we hold on because we tell ourselves that these people are family.

''Blood is thicker than water'' is an old saying which is true in some ways, but then not all of us do have families who have our best interests at heart the whole time

We feel guilt... for letting go. Maybe because this relative has a problem or is struggling, maybe they have said sorry so many times you wonder if they don't mean it. Maybe they have been giving you hassle for years and you are done with it but staying in touch for someone else's sake, or maybe just through pure fear of being alone

But here's the thing.... sometimes we need to give ourselves permission and put ourselves first. Yourself, your life, your own family and your emotional health and safety

If someone is constantly causing you pain, hurt, emotional or otherwise in actions, you need to remember life is short and you don't ever  have to tolerate that

You don't have to deal with put downs, with people repeatedly upsetting you or jeopardizing your progress and growth. You don't have to deal with anyone controlling you, taking away freedom, or someone moulding you into who they want you to be

You don't have to spend your time feeling unhappy due to their actions at all... and being a family member is no excuse

If you need to break away, you need to break away from the regardless.
I'm all for making things work out, I know every family , marriage, and friendship has it's up's and down's. But I think once we step back and take a look at our relationships it's clear as anything to see the ones that are unhealthy for us.

Instead of it being 50/50 you will probably notice its more one sided
Instead of their company making you feel better you may notice the complete opposite
They may constantly put you down, isolate you, minimize your own problems. The list is endless but overall give yourself permission to let go

Letting go permanently seems like a huge leap but even trialling it out for 1-2 months or even a day or two of switching your phone off

Have no guilt for having boundaries and keeping them there.

Those who have your best interests at heart will not keep repeating behaviours or actions that they know are upsetting you, scaring you, or stunting your progress or freedom

Cutting off from toxic family members, guilt-free way Jl2e89

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