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Healing Mother Earth Meditation


Healing Mother Earth Meditation Empty Healing Mother Earth Meditation

Post by Guest Thu Jan 25, 2018 1:35 pm

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Breathe in deep for four counts, 1,2,3,4 to relax your body. Do this three times and count for four counts, each time. When you are ready, pick a place in your awareness where you feel comfortable to work with a different focus of mindset. Sit yourself down in that spot and begin to visualize a beautiful fluffy white cloud. If you wish to go forward, visualize it moving forward, if you wish for it to the right, then ask for it to move to the right & it will respect that wish. Leave your house and the comfort of your own home, and know that your cloud is currently waiting for you outside.

Your cloud is currently drifting on its own journey at the moment. As you take a moment to listen to your surroundings, you realise that its a beautiful sunny day and there’s no rain in sight. It is peaceful because its about in the midst of the day, closer to noontide than one o’clock.

As you sit down on this cloud, you notice how comfortable it is, like pure white and bouncy, along with a lot of airiness within its depths. Its like you are taking a little bit of heaven with you.
As you drift along being at one with your surroundings and yourself, you notice the feeling-wise it feels entirely peaceful, that the cloud has stopped and landed at a clearing, where you can comfortably ground with the tree is standing there waiting for you to ground. (You know in your heart’s word that you are always protected by Archangels and Spirit Guides in this meditation, so you can ask them to step forward and join you should you wish).

This tree is remarkable in presence and very peaceful. As you sit yourself down by this tree’s, you can feel the wooden trunk at your back, notice how its so beautiful in energy and feels like you are grounding through its essence. You ask for permission first from the tree to ground and anchor yourself in the present. If affirmative or yes, you feel as though you have permission from the tree that you have built up in your mind’s / awareness, then yes you are free to ground further with the roots/energy of this tree.

Just relax and become aware of this tree’s energy & the branches surrounding it as it branches forth to retain the blessings of the sunlight through its canopy. Feel how relaxed you are and comfortable you are situated at the trunk beside the roots. Ask for the roots to anchor themselves around/over your feet, and descend into the earth’s surface; through the earth star chakra located 6 inches below your feet chakra. This will help you focus on grounding and becoming more at one with the tree you are working with.

A little along to the right, there is a path that takes you away from the clearing. Its a little bit dusty at first, but becomes a stone-slabbed pathway as it goes along. At the end of this, you will see that it becomes whiter in transformation and cleaner as it continues. At the other end of this path, it starts to rise and ascend into a beautiful white and pristine stairwell with ten steps in every step of the way.

The first passage on the stairwell on either side is decorated with beautiful red candles that are flickering on either side of the stairwell.
You take a moment to pause in reflection on this as to whether or not you ascend up this staircase, but the moment you step onto the steps, with the first step, you begin to feel positive, lighter in vibration, lifted, with that encouragement, you take the next step, third step, and the fourth, you start to leave your worries behind, as you gradually ascend, sixth, seventh, but take your time as well as it helps to stop and scent the roses from time to time, eighth, ninth, tenth, you are rising, your root chakra ought to be opening further as you ascend up the steps…

you continue up the steps and arrive at the second level… the second level is surrounded by orange tea light candles flickering in the light, bringing about a different focus… and able to help quieten your mind… feeling and emotional self… as you ascend up the first step, you begin to feel a lot calmer, second step… more confident, less doubtful… third step, fourth, fifth, you are beginning to shift your perception to the positives as you are indeed listening to yourself and its best to keep the language and your voice positive…. sixth step, seventh step, eighth step, your mental state of mind is being lifted positively…. ninth & tenth, you are feeling a lot more stable and your vibrations have lifted over the course of this staircase….

when you come to the next level, there is a platform, walk across this platform to the solar plexus chakra, as you can guess, this steps is all about finding the positive steps of development to focus on your intuition and instincts with… first step, your focus is shifting along with your perception of self, and the senses, second step, you may feel a lot lighter as time goes on, be aware of the surroundings and take notice of the candles as they flicker higher lifting the vibrations in energy around you…third, fourth step, you are feeling a lot more peaceful and are letting go of the old pent up emotions from the past, subsiding also into peacefulness…. the candles are still flickering with their eternal flames that will last through this meditation…

leading from this passage is yet another platform, that takes you up through the heart chakra stage of awareness…. at this point, you are feeling light and peaceful, your lower self is becoming more aligned with the higher self, you are essentially becoming more in tune with your heart centre self, first step, you feel focused, second, third and fourth step, the feeling of peace is a lot more deeper, fifth, sixth, seventh, you are more aware of what you seek, in listening to your heart’s word, eighth, ninth, tenth, you know in your higher self and middle sense of self your direction and hope for the future…/path/direction…. but yet you are still ascending through the levels of the stairwell….at this point in the meditation, your angel guides may appear taking away your burdens and matters of old feelings of the past, which will be relinquished from your hold, so that your thought patterns feel a lot clearer and positively energised, allowing the energy to flow through you….you may grow a pair of aura wings at this stage, they will be with you through the meditation….

the next platform or level takes you through to the throat chakra….where again, you ascend, but as you ascend through this level, you may notice that you are allowing your inner voice and heart’s word to be heard, communications will be higher in vibrations, and the focus will be different, are you are opening yourself to work with spirit and angelic beings from beyond….

your vibrations ought to be more lifted by now as yes you are ascending higher and higher into the awareness of your psyche and being and awareness…. as you still ascend slowly but surely, know its ok to take a rest if you need to rest, but you are building by not rushing into it, you are trusting every single step of the way, knowing that angels and guides are with you, feel the vibration of this passage rise higher, secure in the knowledge that you are safe on this staircase and protected, and your voice is being heard….

… you ascend further into the next level…. its to do with the third eye, notice you are feeling a lot more relaxed in your awareness and are shifting focus, you may be feeling a lot more lifted in energy positively, as you are letting go of the heavier energy in your being, shifting away from the past and are moving forwards in the right direction, you are healing from the past, every step, getting stronger and more confident in your ability to work with spirit and beings that are of a higher frequency that come forward in the name of love, you are healing from within on a deeper level, letting go of all that holds you back, you are transforming into a beautiful soul and spiritual being, being at one with your higher self and aligning yourself with the higher mindset…….relax…… harm will come to you on this stair well

…..last stairwell takes you up furthermore to the stars………and as you reach the end of this staircase, you begin to see the world for what it is in all of its beauty, knowing, you feel safe here, being where you are, you are at one with the oversoul sense of self here and are aligning your upper chakras, continue breathing out for four counts and inhaling in to relax your entirety of your being/self…..

visualize a beautiful column of white light descending from the skies above, for which, you ought to be close to them, but retaining the faith in you, visualize the column of light surrounding the globe on the golden dias in the middle- its a fairly round replica, but the kind you would find in museums to this day, but surround this light and visualize the warmth healing hands of the universe wrap themselves around this globe and know that beautiful healing is being sent out to you, all friends and family, people in need, those who are suffering, countries in need, to all on this plane in the now, to all animals in need, and all occupants of mother earth…………
you know that the positive energy will not just go to the globe, the replica but also will surround the real thing as the intent has been willed to surround the whole consciousness and being of Mother Earth energy entirely.... and all within...

when you are finished healing and the energy has stopped flowing indefinitely, returning to the source….

look to your left, the cloud should be awaiting for you step on it and guide yourself back home. if you want to stay a while with this healing vibrations, feel free to do so to lift your own energy….

but once home, remember to bring yourself back to your own awareness & Remember to take a few sips of water to ground your energy… remember to give thanks to all that work with you today!
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Post by Guest Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:17 pm

Welcome :)

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