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Element of Air To Clear Your Energy


 Element of Air To Clear Your Energy Empty Element of Air To Clear Your Energy

Post by Guest Wed Jan 24, 2018 11:46 am

If you are taking a walk outside when its windy, and are wishing to clear your energy, any heaviness away from your awareness that has no initial purpose at this point in time, here is a quick exercise to do when its a different type of Northerly wind or Southerly wind.

The northern winds tend to be a lot harsher and stronger in order to clear out the older vibrations and are useful for letting go of the very heavy type of energy that has no further purpose and which needs to be released to go on its own way/into the light.

The southerly winds tend to be a lot more calmer and gentle and breezier in clearing the old out from your aura fields.

Basically, envision the invisible force of the wind swirling around your crown chakra, give it a colour- I usually turn it to white- as it swirls and twirls and wraps itself around you, and swirls in through your crown chakra, clearing any old particular vibrations that need letting go of, descends into the third eye, sweeping away all that's not needed & pushing out the past vibrations as well, surrounds the throat and heart center and brushes away what's no longer needed, still descending the white energy gradually descends through the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra as well as the root, brushing away any guiding energy that's no longer needed and clearing out the old system entirely.

After this wind has cleared, and left your body through the soles of your feet, in a teeny whirlwind that disperses above ground, you can now, focus on a beautiful column of pastel pink white light descending straight from the heart of the universe, straight through your crown chakra, surrounding your chakras and your body to wrap you in universal light and positive but higher vibrations so as to ensure you are kept entirely peaceful in the name of love & light and to ensure all heavily weighed energy is released/let go of, so you can move forward to freer paths ahead and not feel as weighed down as before.

When finished, remember to take some sips of water, and reground, via visualizing yourself as a beautiful tree with the roots descending into the earth, but by looking up at the branches fragmenting into segments, and branching out like a lotus flower, but then heaving the beautiful golden light descending and the column of white light from mother earth ascending to meet in the middle, in which you visualize yourself standing, if you need to do so ;)

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